Planning My Next Bullet Journal

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As another bullet journal is getting full, it’s time to start thinking about what my next one is going to involve.

The stock photo above shows a Stabilo highlighter.  I’ve heard good things about these.  However, I already have some highlighters lying around, so no Stabilos for me until those babies get used up or dry out.\

My stash of coloured pens is holding up, so I don’t need any more of those yet.  I lost the light green pen, which is weird, because it’s not as though I’m moving around with them.  Maybe the dryer sock monster got its hands on the pen somehow.


For the journal itself, I’m a big fan of Peter Pauper Press because they do cool designs plus they’re not expensive.  Paperblanks has really nice journals as well, but they’re almost double the price, and I’m too cheap for that.  I like just a basic, lined interior for the journal; no sort of fancy bullet journal-specific bits required.

Below are the journals that I’m contemplating.  The images contain affiliate links in case you’re interested, but feel free to ignore those.

I write in my journal every day, so it’s something that I’m looking at regularly.  My current journal has a nice Celtic oak tree design, but the colour scheme is pretty tame.

The options I’m considering (shown below) are a lot more colourful.  The lower three have an elastic that slips over the front cover to keep the journal shut, and they’re a little bit smaller.  I think I’d probably prefer a larger sized journal, so I’m leaning towards the Autumn Moon one (top left).  The Spirit Of Flight, which shows the woman’s face, is pretty cool, although I think it’s a little bit too busy for me.

With my current journal, I set everything up at the beginning of the year, including my list of things that I track regularly.  For my next journal, I think I’ll just set up the first couple of months ahead of time and then do all the rest of my formatting and stuff as I go along.

Another change I’m going to make is that instead of having my daily gratitude list for the full year at the back of my journal, I’m going to work it in with the pages for each month.  I’ve been noticing for the last few months that I’m often forgetting to do a gratitude entry because it doesn’t cross my mind to flip to the back of the journal.  I don’t do well when things aren’t right in front of my face.


I have some of these planner stickers already, but they’re more geared towards use in a day planner.  A lot of them I just have no use for because I just don’t have a “normal” life.

The Amazon images don’t give a great view, but both of these sticker packs seem more motivational than the one I’ve currently got.  Stickers are an important part of my journalling experience.  I’m totally useless at anything artistic, so stickers, along with some brightly coloured pens, are what keeps the inside of my journal looking interesting.

Michael’s also has some stickers appropriate for bullet journalling, but not a huge selection.  Does anyone know of any great places to find a good selection of stickers that would be a good fit for bullet journalling?

One final thing I need to get is a new ruler.  I’ve got this short, flimsy cracked plastic job  I’ve had for probably 20 years that makes creating an actual straight line just a slim possibility.  It’s time to live large and upgrade.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got in mind for my next journal.  My current one should last me until the end of this year, but I’ll probably order my goodies next month.

Do you keep a bullet journal?  What kinds of supplies do you use?

Creating a bullet journal for mental health

This how-to guide on creating a bullet journal to support mental health is available free from the MH@H Store.  My approach isn’t about artistry; it’s all about functionality.

30 thoughts on “Planning My Next Bullet Journal”

  1. I also keep a bullet journal and I find it so helpful! It’s lovely how you can tick off tasks as you do them, it makes the day feel more productive 🙂

    Btw I envy your ability to refrain from buying new stationery, its a skill I need to master.

  2. Dollarama can have pretty cool stickers that might be useful (that’s where I get most of my stickers for school projects)…and they’re cheap which is a bonus! I think last year I picked up a book and it had tons of sizes of numbers and letters…it was maybe $3.
    Staples often has good stickers but I think they are mostly geared towards teachers with motivational sayings on them….or scratch and sniff!!
    I do like Michael’s selection but I only shop there when I have a coupon because I find it super expensive.
    What about stamps? Would those work in your journal? I don’t do a bullet journal but I guess my only concern would whether or not they would soak through the pages.

  3. I keep everything online, even though journals and markers and stickers are so pretty and tempting. I can’t use them though. It’s my OCD ~ I get too obsessed with making everything even and consistent that this becomes the focus rather than journaling. Online, everything is already lined up and fonts are the same. Nothing is out of place. Typos can be corrected without ruining a page. Etc.

  4. Ooh!! I love beginning a new journal. (I’m whacky like that)
    My personal favorite of the ones you have shown is the Autumn moon.
    Yes, I keep a bullet journal. You were the one who inspired me to do so.
    I have three colored pens, black, blue, red, and green. Two highlighters, yellow and green.
    After I had won the photo contest that Candace threw, I have the one journal left. I began that one this past June.
    I also utilize my computer’s calendar with more information. At the end of the month, I print out that calendar and attach to the journal at the end of the month.
    The whole journal goes with me when I see my psych doctor.
    So, with that being said, I thnk both you and Candace for getting me started on bullet journals!!

  5. Etsy!! Etsy has custom-made, designer journaling stickers at a great price!!

    What a fun blog post, and filled with pretty eye candy! (I love eye candy!) Oh! Is it possible that one of your furry little monster fiends absconded with the green pen? 😀 Naughty little guinea!!

    I really need to get into the world of bullet journaling. As of right now, I try to set goals for whatever’s coming up. Like now, I’m supposed to start writing a novel tomorrow night at midnight, so I’m going to spent the day getting prepared. (Like, cleaning my room, stocking up on emergency chocolate, putting Dr. Phlegm on speed dial…) But for all those times when I feel unfocused and undirected, I think a bullet journal would really help, and I need to look into it!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. The Stabilo Marker was my university Partner !! I had every color ! Lol
    I love writing our own Journals , I even encourage people to start with it especially to heal ! It’s different when you write down your thoughts and feelings !

  7. I like that journal with the moon. I am drawn to that one, but I shall resist temptation in buying.

    I don’t do bullet journal as I once did, as I last posted about, which I have filled up since then. But I am still aware since using it, by taking those things from it.
    The yearly mood chart I still do. I did try to transfer it into my new ring binder organiser, by taking it out of the journal. But failed, so I wasn’t able to keep up with it. I will continue with this next year though and it will be a printed version to fit my organiser.
    I have a wellbeing section in my organiser. I chose a ring binder to keep everything in one place and something I will find flexible for me. So I can change it how I see fit, without ruining the whole thing.

    I certainly like stickers for the same reason as you.

    I totally recommend Stabilo markers for highlighting things. These are what I have mainly used in my life for highlighting in my diary.

    Enjoy creating your new journal. There nothing like that fresh feeling of a new journal.

      1. The ring binder system is something I have debated with the past year and so decided to go ahead with it.
        My diary is in there and I changed one section to wellbeing which will have my yearly mood colour charts I use in that section, along with anything else I choose to add.
        I have a to do section and another section for notes.

  8. You are such a good writer. I would love to read your books. Thanks for the journaling ideas. I never thought about making them creative. Mine is very plain with black ink. So insperational. The way you cope with your illness. I can learn a lot from you.

    1. Thank you! 💕 I use colours and stickers for my journal because I’m totally unartistic, and even drawing a simple circle is a bit beyond me.

  9. I wish I was into writing in the journals I have. I have just gotten so used to using my phone for everything that I type everything.

    I do like your idea of a billet journal. What things do you write in it?

    1. I do weekly summaries of what’s been going on with my life, daily mood rating, daily tracking of symptoms and activities, daily gratitude entry, and then pages for things like accomplishments, goals, and health-related stuff like doctors visits and lab tests. I don’t do much free-flow writing of thoughts in mine.

  10. I bullet journal and blog about it too!!! I really like my plan black express note book. You can get it for under $10 at Walmart. They have dots instead of lines which I like but some people might not

  11. I used to journal my thoughts in a running Google doc online because of my handwriting. It was great because I can type fast but I find there’s something therapeutic about writing out your thoughts by hand. I’ve not tried bullet journaling, though, and the ring binder system sounds intriguing.

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