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Working On Us Week #13 – Sleep Disorders

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This is week 13 of the working on us mental health prompt series over at Beckie’s Mental Mess.  This week’s topic is sleep disorders and insomnia.  For guidelines on how to participate, please visit Beckie’s post.

Prompt #1—Questions

  1. Have you, or do you suffer from sleep disorders?  I don’t have a sleep disorder, but I’ve experienced insomnia related to my depression.
  2. Have you sought treatment for your sleep disorders?  Getting adequate sleep is an important part of managing my depression, so I’m not willing to get insomnia go on for very long without some kind of intervention.
  3. Have you ever had a sleep study on you, and if so, what was recommended?  No
  4. Has your doctor prescribed medication for your sleep disorder, if so, what has worked for you?  A couple of the meds I currently take for depression (quetiapine and mirtazapine) also help with my sleep and for the most part of very effective.  In the past when my bedtime meds weren’t particularly sedating I’ve taken zopiclone, trazodone, and clonazepam, which worked sometimes but not always.
  5. Have you ever tried home remedies to alleviate your sleep disorders? I’ve tried melatonin and valerian but didn’t find either one helpful.
  6. What’s the longest amount of time you went without sleep?  I’m not sure.  I remember during one of my hospitalizations I was barely sleeping even though I was taking bucketloads of prn sleep medication.

Prompt #2—Picture Prompt

insomnia art - Google Search

What this brings to mind is insomnia in the form of eyes wide open as opposed to having a busy brain.  When I can’t sleep I don’t typically ruminate or have a lot of thoughts going through my mind.  I’m just wide awake.

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18 thoughts on “Working On Us Week #13 – Sleep Disorders”

  1. Yeah, insomnia bites. Trazodone worked for me for a long time, and then it lost its efficacy. So I let a lot of time pass (a few years, I think) and then asked the doctor if I could try it again. But then, not only did it still not work, it messed up my hormones somehow. No more Trazodone for me!

    I’ve been sleeping pretty well on 5 mg of Ambien instead of 10 mg (due to the Calvin disaster). On 5 mg, I can still fall asleep, and I’m no longer roaming the neighborhood. But I see this as a stopgap measure until I can see Dr. Phlegm again soon, because there are other times of the year (winter, I suppose) when I DO need 10 mg of Ambien, but I don’t want to be in that position again. I’m going to ask Dr. Phlegm about Belsomra. I think it’s similar to Ambien but without the notorious side effects.

    And yeah, Seroquel/quetiapine is a total godsend!! That one doesn’t put me to sleep often, but it does keep me asleep so I can get lots of rest!!

    1. Belsomra sounds like an interesting option.

      At lower doses Seroquel didn’t do all that much for my sleep, but now I’m on 600mg and it very reliably knocks me out.

            1. I think this time it might be because I’ve got it set to only enable 4 nested comments deep. I’ve had that all along but commenting within the WordPress reader seems to go around that.

  2. Actually I can’t comment on your blog at all unless I take a very circuitous route to do so. I hope they show up too, because I can’t tell. The comment totally doesn’t show up at the time I write it. This also happens on Rory’s blog since he bought the business plan at WordPress. My own thoughts are that my free plan and the business plans have some communication glitch that the wizards at WP haven’t solved. Erg.

    Anyway thanks for sharing this information and for reminding me it was Beckie’s ‘day’. 🙂 Here’s my contribution:

  3. sleep is a huge issue for me too. I do have bad, bad insomnia. I wish I didn’t, and meds don’t seem to do much for me, they occasionally work but not a lot. I have to rely on other resources and coping skills to get me through.

  4. I take 50mg of seroquil and 20mg of Latuda. They both knock me out and the Latuda helps with my Mood Disorder. This has been very informational, thank you 😊

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