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What’s Your Blogging Brand?

What's your blogging brand? - graphic showing different online channels

The notion of personal branding seems to be very popular these days, but what is it and does it apply to bloggers?  Should you have a blogging brand?

Initially I was really turned off by the concept, because it felt very commercial and contrived.  Over time, though, I’ve come up with my own take on personal/blog branding that’s primarily focused on creating an effective delivery system for the message that you want to send out to the world via your blog.  It doesn’t have to be about money or business or any of that kind of thing.  And while the term branding sounds very artificial, I think for most bloggers the more genuine you are with your blogging brand the better.

How do you connect with your audience?

When it comes to your blog, who are you talking to and how are you talking to them?  Are you connecting with people via a shared niche, or are you sharing a wide range of interests and really using your personality to connect with people? 

There’s no one right way to connect with other bloggers, but figuring out how you want to connect can help you to stay focused.  How you communicate with those who engage with your blog will also be an important foundation for your brand.

Consistency across platforms

If someone who was familiar with your blog stumbled across your social media or another online platform, would they recognize you right away?  That recognition might come through things like your username, profile pic, logo, banner image, or other elements. Being consistent across all platforms will make it easier for people to recognize and engage with you.


Do you have a logo for your blog?  Do you have a site icon? is a good site for creating these kinds of designs.  Your logo and site icon can be the same image or a bit different, but a consistent theme is a good idea.  These will help to make your blog more immediately recognizable.

There are a number of different elements to consider in terms of your blog’s visual appearance.  You can be consistent with your colour scheme by keeping track of the hex codes for your chosen colours.  Hex codes consist of a hash symbol followed by a code of six alphanumeric characters.  If you find colours that you like and want to obtain the hex code, there are online tools available such as that will allow you to pick hex codes out of selected points on an image.

Your voice

As a blogger, what you have to say matters, but just as important is how you say it.  It can be easy to get caught up in what you should do or how you’re supposed to write, but I firmly believe that being your authentic self is 100% the way to go.

Your voice will be influenced by the goals you set for your blog.   Do you want to educate people?  Do you want to lay all your feelings out so people can connect with you on that level?  Regardless of what style of voice you use and what goals you set, having compatibility between the two can allow you to have the most impact on your readers.

It will take some time for new bloggers to find a voice they feel comfortable with.  I suspect this is something we all go through as we get settled into the blogosphere.  Having a certain blogging voice doesn’t mean you can only write about certain things, but it helps your readers recognize an underlying element of you across multiple different posts on a variety of topics.

Have you given any thought to your blogging brand?

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36 thoughts on “What’s Your Blogging Brand?”

  1. When I ued to hav my FB account still opened, I had a page to reflect my blog site. (Again, that’s when it was open)
    My Instagram and Pinterest page both have my blog site listed on it.
    As far as other my blog itself, I think I set a standard brand to it. I don’t truly know. What do you think? I’m curious, does my blog relfect my brand?

  2. Wow, a lot to think about here! Branding is an interesting issue! HA HA! I think I have Sigmund Freud over on my page. (You can’t go wrong with Freud, right?) I guess it’s not an issue for me (having the same images across platforms) since my blog is meant to be semi-private. But yeah, as far as visuals go, you gotta love Freud!

    With your blog, I’ve always been impressed by the logo you have of MH@H. It’s catchy!!

  3. Hi, I love your blogging.and I am grateful for all your information, it really helps. My aim is to write about the positive side of dementia, trying to advocate it, if that is the right word. Also to capture good memories. Any chance you can have a look?

  4. I’d say my blog began as purely mental health awareness, and now it’s turned into a bit of everything – whatever I feel like posting really! I am a bit paranoid lately that I’m doing too many beauty posts, but that’s just what I feel like posting at the moment so I guess it’s fine. 🙂 Loved this post, really got me thinking about what my personal brand is.

  5. People recognize me because of my weird humor, whether I’m writing about my cat or dating or whatever. I’ve used the broken heart cupcake icon for 8 years here on WP and keep my name Paula across platforms, though I do write erotica as Anna. That actually confused a long term friend yesterday. Lol

      1. I always liked Anna, and I originally thought my romance novels were going to have dessert titles, so I wanted a “sweet” last name for her. That’s how I picked Fondant, like the frosting.

  6. I really found this article useful, especially with my recent interest in blogging. I agree with much of the advice that you have presented here. I enjoy blogging a lot because I have defined my purpose but I am also able to approach it from several different angles that I find interesting. It makes it fun to engage with the audience while also staying true to my own interests and beliefs. Writing from the perspective of positive psychology makes this especially possible and hopefully is of benefit to others as well. Thanks for your post!

  7. This what I use with my blog. I am always myself in what I post. I chose a topic I find interesting and research it before writing and posting it. I always try to include a bit of myself in everything. I never plan anything though. I like to write and post whatever comes to mind.

    When it comes to my branding, I asked my sister to make me a banner that fit my blog. She did an amazing job and I am thankful for her support.

  8. Wow! You are so organized. I am trying to be. Major Fail! But then that is me… my brand is definitely “Miss Chaos” canned and breaking free! 🤷🏼‍♀️ What am I blogging for anyhow? I keep asking myself. I get tired and fade away. Reinvigorated and share a bit. I may never really know myself which means others never will either. So be it. BTW… great post. Maybe I will achieve what you have done on your blog! Maybe not. Either way… congratulations 🎉🎊 Ashley. I enjoy your straight forward approach to understanding mental capabilities!!

  9. I don’t think I really have a brand! I never thought about it much! I do blog on certain topics, and I do follow specific blogs, and I do have a theme and all but branding? I really don’t know it seems like a shit ton of hork!

  10. Good tips. Just started blogging but I figured I’d use a Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram along with the search engine optimization for now. Haven’t really invested anything into it financially as I want to build it up first a little bit before I think about doing some

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