Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Thank you to the truly heroic Ami of UndercoverSuperhero for nominating me for the Liebster Award.  She asked a question about being willing to start secondary school all over again; the immediate visceral reaction of disgust I had pretty much covers it, but to add words to that feeling I’d go with “HELL NO” (all caps definitely required).


  • There are a few changes happening on Mental Health @ Home.  As of today, you’ll notice that you’ll no longer be able to read my posts in the WordPress Reader; you’ll have to click through to my site to see the full post.  For anyone who’s had problems with the comment box on my site, you can still leave a comment on the post excerpt in the WP Reader.  You’ll also see some advertising on my site.  I’ve spent a frustratingly large amount of time to set this up but keep it sufficiently corralled that it’s fairly unobtrusive and not showing ads I think would be appropriate for segments of my readership (e.g. weight loss ads).  There was much gasping in horror (and swearing) when ads were appearing mid-post when they weren’t supposed to…  Anyway, that’s my rant.  Hopefully it’s all sorted now and I’ve found a good balance.


  • I also spent a substantial amount of time wrestling with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing over the file for the paperback version of my new book.  After many minutes of cogitating, it would inform me that there was a problem with my file.  No indication of what the problem was, just thanks but no thanks.  Anyway, I finally got it working.


  • Normally I don’t have my phone out while I’m outside walking, because I like to be mindful of the natural beauty along the way.  However, this week I’ve been particularly slow-moving – freakishly slow.  That’s not me being self-critical; it’s a symptom of my illness, and it is what it is.  When I’m this slow I feel quite self-conscious, despite the fact that I don’t like people and don’t generally care what others think.  My coping strategy is to be doing things on my phone, because plenty of people walk around absorbed in their phones, so I don’t feel quite as conspicuously impaired.


  • I’ve worked the last two nights in a row and I work again tonight.  It’s tiring but manageable, and my wonky sleep pattern recently actually works better for night shifts.


  • Something that was really stressing me out last week and the early part of this week has finally gotten sorted out, which is a good thing.  Hopefully now my sleep will get back to normal.


How has your week been?


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20 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Uhh how I hate such things, when you’re dealing with some technical thing for ages to get it sorted out and then when it seems to have gone well, you see an error or something out of the blue, especially if with no further explanation!
    I think phones and other devices are really good things in that when people are absorbed in theirs, they don’t pay as much attention to you as they would otherwise, and if you use yours, you are more like all of them so people aren’t as suspicious/judgmental of what’s “wrong” with you.
    I’m glad the stressful thing has been sorted out, it’s always a relief.

  2. Hey Ashley, I was surprised that KDP isn’t as amazing as i thought it would be ! I published my ebook of 10 pages on KDP, but i just found out that people cannot buy it using the amazon app, they have to go to the website in order to buy it, which is really frustrating ! all this seems like a lot of work for me ! I need your advice if you think i should put it on my site for free also !

    1. Oh that’s annoying. I’ve never tried the Amazon app, so I didn’t realize there were issues with it.
      If you’re willing to give it away for free, yeah, putting it up free on your site would be a good way to get readers.

  3. Ohh! I could’ve helped you with the Amazon paperback issue if you’d sent me screenshots. I’ve become a pro at the formatting issues they throw at you! Feel free to send me screenshots with questions anytime! 🙂

    I know exactly what you mean about feeling less self-conscious while using a cellphone. It’s like if you eat out alone, people are going to send you looks of pity; but if you’re doing something on your device, then they figure you’re eating and working, like a multitasker.

    I’m glad you’ve gotten some good work days in!! That’s great, and it’s so ideal that it fits into the sleep issues you’ve been having!! I’m also glad you’ve resolved whatever’s been stressing you!!

    Let’s see… my week has been bad, I think, but it’s looking up quite a bit today! YAY! Also, I’ve gone on an emergency diet (no starvation, just healthy foods) and I’ve stuck to it! Woo hoo!!

    1. The issue with Amazon turned out to be that I had a special character in the PDF that they didn’t like. But they didn’t tell me that; they just told me that there was a problem with the file, so there was nothing to screenshot. It wouldn’t even take me to the screen where it shows you the manuscript preview and various problems it has. So it took some trial and error. And slow trial and error, because it had to think about it for 10 minutes before it would decide whether or not to take me to the preview manuscript screen.

  4. I would never relive secondary school either. I was bullied and more depressed than I am now.

    I am the same way with my phone. It stays at home when I go on walks with my puppy because I like to enjoy that time. In stressful situations I like to use it as a distraction. It keeps from looking at what causes me anxiety and keeps me focused on something else.

    My week is going okay. Other than knowing I have a gas leak in my car, everything else is good.

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