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Join the Mental Health Conversation: Matt

The Join the MH Conversation series gives people living with mental illness who don’t write about mental health on their own blogs a safe space to share their own stories.

To start the series off, we have this post is by Matt of The Politics of Being Kind.

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My Life with Chronic Schizoaffective Disorder

I have had chronic mental illness for a number of years. I take large doses of mood stabilizers and anti-depressants, and am on an antipsychotic.

The symptoms that I live with are disabling.

I have hallucinations and delusions that impact me on a daily basis. Not to mention depression.

I’ve been in therapy and I have a psychiatrist.

My diagnosis is schizoaffective disorder and I am medium functioning.

What do I do to improve upon my situation?

For starters, I try and get enough sleep. Usually 12 hours a night, plus naps.

I am unable to do a lot around the house, and I have help with the most important of things.

I accept my situation, but I also know that I have to try! Enter this blog.

This is where I get things out!

For those of you with chronic mental illness, what do you do to improve upon your situation?

Let’s keep this conversation going in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Join the Mental Health Conversation: Matt”

  1. Same diagnosis here, and I’m almost relieved to hear about how much sleep he gets! I’ve always been afraid it’s a weakness that I need so much sleep, but maybe it’s innate to being schizoaffective, or something. I can totally relate! It’s an exhausting illness. Even though I rarely have overt hallucinations, what I pick up on all day in a perceptual way is enervating. Great MH conversation post!!

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