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Book Review: Shattered

book cover: Shattered by Michelle Tikalsky

This is a bonus second book review for this week.  I always like the chance to read books by fellow bloggers, so I’m stepping out of my usual mental health book box.  Shattered by Michelle Tikalsky is a young adult novel that tells the story of a budding romance between Mitch and Callie.

Mitch is a punk rocker whose father is an alcoholic, and Callie is a good girl whose mother lays on heavy pressure to do well in school.  The chapters alternate between Mitch’s perspective and Callie’s perspective.

The story is very sweet, and the book does a good job of capturing the awkward fumblings of teens discovering themselves and each other.

There were definitely pieces of me in the Callie character.  Substitute a hockey player for a musician and this is a pretty good approximation for my grade 12 fantasy, except in my case it didn’t materialize.

This is a great pick for anyone who felt like they didn’t quite fit in during high school.  Although really, did anyone feel like they fit in during high school?


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  1. Not much information to respond to. I was popular in high school. However, due to puberty, my grades were poor and I did not play sports. Spent a lot of time cheering on my athletic friends. I was junior class president and a merit scholarship runner up, pretty good for a boy with a B- or C+ grade point average. All I thought about was girls. Puberty hit me so hard I laid on my family’s couch when i came home from school and did not move. My illness kicked in after I graduated from college. I was rushed to grow up. I was the victim of a pushy mother.

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