You know you’ve made it big when…

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This morning I happened to Google the title of my first book (Psych Meds Made Simple) and made some interesting discoveries.

I had submitted the book to my city’s public library and its local indie author program.  I didn’t hear back from them, and it wasn’t something that I gave much thought to.  But this morning I discovered they actually have two copies, which is super cool.

The book is for sale through Ubuy Lebanon and Ubuy Oman.  It’s also available through MercadoLibre in Mexico and Argentina, and Binge in Qatar.  I think those are legit because they only have the paperback copy, which is available for extended distribution via Amazon.  There’s also an Australian bookstore that’s selling the Kobo ebook, which I just released a week ago, so that’s rather speedy.

There are also several spammy sites that say they have my book available for download, as long as you sign up for their site.  So I have a few DMCA complaints to make.

But all in all, it looks like I’m moving up in the world!  Because really, if you’re not getting either pirated or sold in Qatar, can you really call yourself an author?


Have you checked out my new book Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis?  It’s available on Amazon and other major ebook retailers.  It’s also available on the Mental Health @ Home Store, along with my first book, Psych Meds Made Simple.

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37 thoughts on “You know you’ve made it big when…

  1. Meg says:

    Woo hoo!! You have totally arrived! Great job!! YAY!!

    Don’t worry; I encountered those spammy sites before, joined them, and discovered (with a huge amount of relief) that they didn’t actually have my book. They just claimed to.

    That’s really awesome that you got into the library!! Fabulous!! It’s a huge deal! YAY!! Congrats!!

    • ashleyleia says:

      Yeah the spammy sites don’t worry me. Even if they do have copies of my book, the kind of people that would be interested in my book wouldn’t be interested in a site like that.

  2. Meg says:

    Oh, come on, WP, don’t do me like this! I think my comment disappeared again!! Aww!! Ashley, can you look into it for me? 🙂

  3. lavenderandlevity says:

    Congratulations! That is awesome! “If you aren’t being pirated or sold in Qatar, can you really call yourself an author” made me crack up. Yes, you totally can, but that’s a sweet line for your bio all the same 😉

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