Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • My first book ended its ebook exclusivity period with Amazon, so I listed it on several other bookselling sites.  It should have been a pretty easy process, but it didn’t quite turn out that way.  Apple Books gave it a wonky title; I thought I’d take the book down until the correction I made took effect, but I couldn’t actually find a way to do so.  Not what I would have expected given that I’m normally a big Apple fan.  Then there was Kobo, who emailed me to say my book was published… except it wasn’t yet.  Hmm.
  • I upgraded to the WordPress business plan and have been spending copious amounts of time trying to figure shit out.  I have no regrets, though, about going this route rather than self-hosted.  I don’t do well with processing a lot of new information at once, and at least the business plan dumbs it down to a moderately accessible level. Still, reading about things like CSS and structured data makes my eyes glaze over as my depression brain says quite firmly “I don’t do that.”
  • A post I did at the beginning of July looking for a few more contributors to my book has recently been getting a ton of views and likes this week.  I’m not sure why a post that’s over a month old is so busy.  And speaking of the book, Kindle Create is driving me batty.  It’s the software used to create ebooks for Amazon, and it sucks.  Grr.
  • I’ve been dealing with a ton of fruitflies.  They like to hang out and breed under the guinea pigs’ bedding.  Because who wouldn’t love living with pee and poop?
  • The weather’s been pretty hot here the last couple of weeks, and when it’s hot I sweat.  If this goes on long enough, my electrolytes get out of whack, which throws my lithium level out of whack.  This has happened before, and each time I don’t connect the dots until I’m feeling really dizzy and generally sick.  So bring on the salty snacks and the coconut water.  I used to use Gatorade for that purpose, but it turns out coconut water has lots of potassium without too much sugar, plus I like it better, so it’s a good substitution.


How has your week been?


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  1. Congrats on what you’ve achieved last week Ashley. What inspired you to go Business on the WordPress plan? What are the perks?

    I don’t like that it comes with no “reblog” button for some reason. Although, I think there are better opportunities for monetizing your blog. However, the cost is like 300$ or something, isn’t it?

    1. I’m introducing some new things on my blog soon, and business plan was the best fit for what I was looking for, even though it’s pricey. It allows you to use plugins and a lot more HTML code, so it opens up a lot more options than the other plans.

  2. I had such weird phenomena on my blog last year, that old-ish stuff would suddenly get crazy amounts of views and likes for no apparent reason, it’s really intriguing why that happens.
    Yeah, the heat. I’m so glad it’s over for me this year, or it seems so, at least. I hope the coconut water helps with your electrolytes.

      1. I’ve still been getting a lot of hits on “what is the difference between a jellyfish and a lawyer,” which is hilarious, because I can’t even remember the punchline! 😀

  3. You’re not the only one who has turned to Gatorade… For the same exact reason too. Have you tried the Raspberry Lemonade? OMG! That’s a good time. However, the coconut water sounds rather refreshing too.
    I give you an awful lot of credit trying to figure out all there is on the WP site, as well as others. Honestly, I’m tech-illiterate. I give up too easilty because my brain can’t seem to compute all the jargon. Candace is great at all that stuff, I need to borrow a few brain cells from her. LOL!
    When I used to own hamsters, I had an issue with fruit flies. I was told to mix apple vinegar and bleach when cleaning their cages… It worked wonders. I highly recommend that.

      1. By the way; We tried to post a silly happy image and it didn’t post. Did you restrict image attachments? Just want to know for future reference. 🙂 Keep killin’ those fruit flies!

  4. Good luck with your “new” blog. I only have a few plugins and I don’t look at CSS. I tried several themes until I found one that I get on well with. I can make enough changes to the customiser without getting overwhelmed. Hope your book issues are ironed out quickly. Well done for everything you have achieved so far.

  5. So much I can relate to! Yeah, uploading books is such a headache, and it never goes smoothly. Or then you get it uploaded and think, “Oops, I need to change that ONE TINY DETAIL which will require me to reupload it, which will take at least ten minutes.” AARGH.

    I bet you know more about CSS and structured data than I ever will! 😀 Your posts about…. what do you call it?… something related to search terms…. always go right over my head!! But don’t worry, I’m sure you can master it!!

    We have fruit flies here, too, especially since there was a period of no cleaning for a month or longer. 😮 I think they’re finally clearing out at this point, but I’m not sure. And I’m also a huge sweater! I mean, not like an ugly Christmas sweater, but someone who sweats. With me, I sweat all over my face and have to wipe it off constantly, my glasses get fogged and gunky, I can’t see anything, and I get sort of heat-sick too like you do. I think your coconut water is brilliant, and I might try it!

    My week has been…. good, but it’s mostly lost in my memory again!! Oh well.

  6. I’m glad you were able to catch the heat and sweating early this time!! Hope you don’t experience intense symptoms this year! And my apartment has so many fruitflies right now too! I think they attracted to my cats’ litter boxes.

  7. I sweat soooo much when it’s hot too! Or even when it’s cold sometimes.. I’m just a sweaty human! I’m glad you’ve had a decent week and hope the business plan is working well for you x

  8. 🙂 This was quite an interesting post. You managed to accomplish quite a bit last week. Thanks for the tip with regard to the coconut water and CONGRATS on your upgrade! 🙂

  9. The whole book selling sounds like a total headache. I would have thought the Kindle Create platform would have been a lot more straightforward given the purpose it to make it easy and approachable for anyone & everyone to publish. I wish I could offer some tips but I’ve no idea about any of it, having never published anything myself. I can only wish you Good luck! 😉
    Caz xx

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