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Working on us week 9

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It’s week 9 of the Working On Us series over at Beckie’s Mental Mess.  You can visit her post for details on participating.

This week’s prompts:

Prompt #1 Questions:

  • Have you ever received music therapy as part of your treatment?  If so, what kind of music was introduced to you?
  • Do you listen to music ( if/when) you meditate?  If so, what kind of music do you listen to?
  • If you have never tried music therapy as a treatment, what types of music calm and/or mellow you?
  • Do you believe music helps everyone and there is really no use for therapy in this regard?


Prompt #2 Music Selection:

Select 2 music video’s that help you and your mental stability when you listen to it.  Also, describe how those songs make you feel?


Rather than answer the specific prompts, I’m going to do one bigger answer.  To start off, no, I’ve never done music therapy, but I believe that just like art therapy it has something to offer besides just don’t the music/art on one’s own.

For me, music is something I listen to while I’m driving, and that’s about it.  I’ve never been very good at handling auditory processing while attending to something else, so if there’s music on it’s hard for me to concentrate on reading or doing other things.  I think music while I’m driving works because my autopilot brain is responsible for the driving and my conscious brain swaps back and forth.

I know a lot of people find music very therapeutic, but for the most part I don’t find it’s particularly helpful for me.  If my mood is low and I listened to music with a mood pitched too much above mine, I just find it annoying.

When I’m low enough that I’m feeling suicidal,  I tend to distort song meanings.  Linkin Park’s One More Light is anti-suicide, but I twist it into being pro-suicide.  It’s the same thing with Never Too Late by Three Days Grace.

Music is probably more helpful, at least for me, when it comes to coping with situation stressors rather than illness.  Let Her Go by Passenger and Fight Song by Rachel Platten have been helpful, although I never listen to Fight Song anymore because it’s too strongly associated with a difficult situation.

Music would be a cool creative outlet if one was so inclined, but I’m all about words as my creative outlet.


Feel free to join in with Working On Us!


8 thoughts on “Working on us week 9”

  1. Thank you so very much for your insight regarding music, and how it affects you. I can only listen to music on very low int he car when driving, I seriously need my entire focus on the road and the noises around me.
    I can also understand wholeheartedly that music can be a stressor. There are certain types of music I avoid entirely because it triggers me emotionally.
    There are a few songs you mentioned that I have never even heard of before, but I wrote them down to listen to later.
    Thank you again, for participating in Week #9 of “Working on Us” 💚🎶

  2. I’m the same way with songs I dare not listen to anymore because of what they remind me of. In general, music messes me up emotionally, and I have to be careful about what I let myself listen to; I have to be mindful that it’s not pulling me under, and get myself to resurface before I’m too far gone. I used to live there, in the world of emotional music, for years, drowning in it.

    As a therapy, hmm…. I guess it’s always okay to listen to songs that are only positive, in that they inspire or make you want to exercise more, or lift you up, with no negative feelings whatsoever. Hold on a second. I’m intrigued by this, so I’m going to research the lyrics that you twist….

    Wow, yeah. I think that song could be upsetting rather than inspirational. Huh.

  3. I am personally super music-oriented, in that I love listening to music and my mood can easily be lifted or brought down through music. My boyfriend however is not music-oriented at all and doesn’t particularly care whether or not he is listening to it. Just different people. Totally agree that therapies can be better than just listening to the song/doing the art etc. alone. Fab post xox

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