Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I worked two nights this week, both covering sick calls.  For the first one, they were calling out the shift two hours before it was supposed to start, and I was asleep.  Normally my first few hours asleep I’m totally dead to the world, but the phone actually did wake me up, so I figured that was a sign I should take the shift.  I was pretty tired, and driving home in the morning was slightly frightening.
  • There was one day this week I was really dizzy.  I had intended to walk to the grocery store, but couldn’t manage to walk in a straight line, so had to put the kibosh on that.
  • I was cleaning my boy guinea pigs’ cage and decided to let them roam freely around the bathroom (which is where their cage is).  They decided that wasn’t good enough, so they moseyed into my bedroom and took up residence under the bed.  It was quite the production trying to get them out.  Plus it’s the time of year when fruit flies like to set up shop in the guinea pigs’ bedding.  Given that my piggies are little poop factories, this isn’t too surprising, but it’s annoying as hell.
  • I baked some cookies this week, which I haven’t done for quite a while.  Reese’s peanut butter chip – yum.
  • There’s work being done on my building and it’s loud and oh so obnoxious.  As if my concentration wasn’t bad enough already without this whole situation going on.
  • I’m reminded again of just how good my massage therapist is at dealing with my strong startle response.  I was paying more attention during this week’s massage, and I noticed she always first touches me very lightly with her fingertips before she starts doing her thing.  And if she’s moving from my back down to my legs she trails her fingers lightly down my body (not in a creepy way) rather than taking her hands off and then touching me again.  She’s absolutely amazing.


Over on Medium this week, I decided to recycle some articles that I had submitted months ago to publications that I never heard back from:


I received a message from the creative director of the Out Of The Mist mental health photography competition.  The competition entry fee is $20 USD, but there’s a 40% discount with the code OM01-XR3JH.   I thought I would pass it along in case it’s of interest to any of you.


How has your week been?


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24 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

    1. I’ve got mixed feelings about Medium. I find it’s less interactive than WordPress and a lot harder to get noticed, but the chance to make a few dollars is nice.

  1. OMG! Now you’re having work done on your building too? My sympathies. Our crew showed up 7am again this morning, finally quit around 1pm.
    I can just picture you under your bed trying to capture those little rascals… That must have been so funny to watch.
    Your massage sounded wonderful. One day, I must break down and get one.

  2. I’ve had a similar dizzy experience before. I looked like I was drunk when I walked, and it was unnerving being unable to really stand. It started right after starting 2 new medications, but I don’t know if they’re related.

    Those cookies sound delicious!! I love Reese’s.

      1. An interesting week for you.
        You will find I will be catching up on your posts today. I have missed more than I realised.

        I have felt a little stressed on and off since the weekend. My mum with how she has been and little things in regards to the atmosphere created by some of my work colleagues. I am biting my tongue, but underneath I am stressed. I come to work to forget my own personal issues, not to get sucked in to others.

          1. Yes it is and it’s only this that spoils work for me. I love my job, but it’s when it gets to this point, I get fed up and drained and this has added to my drained affect with how I was feeling, before I took my blogging break.
            They find I am quieter at times. I know this, because they ask if I alright, adding I am quiet. I am quiet, because I put myself in my own bubble to shit out what I don’t want to hear. But this has put me to a point that I don’t always chat to then as a whole group when conversation is nice and instead, I talk to them individually. But I feel I have to do this, to protect my own sanity, so I don’t get frustrated and feeling burned out. Which I have started to feel again yesterday.

  3. Awwww!! The guinea pigs want to hide under the bed!! How adorable!! Cute guineas!!

    I’m glad you got home safely from work! Third shift is brutal!!

  4. Being dizzy is so awful. I had one very dizzy day this week as well. I hope things are better with it for you now. Ohh haha I can imagine it must have been very tricky to get the guinea pigs from under your bed! Great about baking some cookies and that they were yummy! I feel for you a lot with that work going on in the building, would drive me crazy lasting for so long. I’m really glad that your massage therapist is so good at it and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable, the more it’s a pity that you’ll be losing her soon when she’s on maternity leave.

  5. Sounds like a busy week! You did well on working! I hope you feel less dizzier within days. I always feel that before my period. I was swimming a lot this week which is amazing 😍. The cookies sounds delicious, wish I could try haha!

  6. Those cookies sound amazing! And I loved your post “Why I Told My Patient I’ve Been Suicidal.” As a patient in therapy, I appreciate when a therapist shares a bit of their own experiences – it is so humanizing!

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