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Book Review: A Guided Mental Illness Journal & Workbook

Book cover: A Guided Mental Illness Journal & Workbook by Rebecca Chamaa

A Guided Mental Illness Journal & Workbook: Build Confidence and Coping Skills by Rebecca Chamaa is aimed at helping people with mental illness to feel better about themselves and the world they interact with.

The journal is set up to do a task a day for 60 days, so that you have a steady 2 month period of taking time for yourself on a daily basis.

There are tasks like listing as many things as you can think of on a particular topic related to wellbeing.  The lists involve coming up with positives, both about yourself and about things that have happened to you.  The prompts also help you to explore and build on your interests, and to practice gratitude.

There is a mix of written tasks and tasks that involve other actions, such as starting a morning ritual.  Some of the tasks are designed to help you be organized and improve functioning, like keeping a grocery list during the week.

For the purpose of this review I read the book straight through from cover to cover.  However, to get the full benefit out of the book, you need to take the time to really explore and work on the exercises, which is something I would like to go back and do.

The only thing I would have liked to see done differently is the inclusion of some illustrations or other images to give a bit of visual variety.  In terms of content, though, I thought it was quite well done.


A Guided Mental Illness Journal & Workbook is available on Amazon.

You can find Rebecca on her blog A Journey With You.


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