Behind the Author: Mental Health At Home

I’m this week’s guest on Behind the Author over on Blog of the Wolf Boy!

Blog of the Wolf Boy

Hello again friends and fellow bloggers,

This is the second installment of my Behind the Author weekly series, where I find an inspirational blogger or author to pick their brain for good information. I do this because it satisfies my own personal curiosity and I can learn something from each author to help me in my journey towards becoming a better writer. But, I am not one to horde a good thing all to myself! So, I want to share these discussions with you to inspire you and to introduce you to some new blogs along the way.

Today’s Guest: Ashleyleia of MentalHealth@Home

I’ve been following Ashley for a while now on WordPress, almost from the very beginning of The Blog of the Wolf Boy. She is a blogger with close to 4,000 followers who specializes in Mental Health topics. A nurse by trade and an author of one book…

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