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Are There Seasonal Changes in Blog Traffic?

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I started blogging in October 2017, so I’ve been blogging for just over a year and a half.  While I try not to pay much attention to stats, I noticed a seasonal blog traffic pattern last summer and I’m wondering if it will repeat this summer.  I’m much less interested in the numbers themselves than in any patterns they might reveal about the blogging world.

Last year my number of visitors and views decreased during the summer.  This year, I noticed a drop in my own stats in June, but I also got the sense that there were fewer people actively posting in the blogosphere in general last month.

One potential reason for seasonal blog traffic changes is what’s happening on the blog itself.  When I had my summer drop last year I was consistently posting an average of just over one post per day, so that didn’t seem to account for the change.  It’s possible that there was a difference in the popularity of the posts themselves, but it seems like a bit of an odd pattern if that were the reason.

If the main reason isn’t with the blog itself, is there a seasonal pattern of activity in the blogging community?  Do people simply spend less time in the blogosphere during the summer?  It might be nice to know, because while our blogging should not be dependent on stats, knowing about predictable patterns can help in making decisions about timing.

For example, I’ve got a new project that I’m going to be launching on my blog in the next little while.  I had originally been thinking about launching it in the summer, because I thought that’s when I’d have everything prepared.  Yet if it’s likely that summer is likely to be a lull time when not as many people are active on WordPress, maybe it would be better to hold off on this for a couple of months.

I like to post every day regardless, but for anyone who’s struggling to keep up with the posting schedule they’d like to maintain, maybe summer is a time to back off on posting and try to save up some posts to have in reserve for later on when things pick up.

Knowing about patterns can also help to counteract those nagging little thoughts that come up sometimes, those “I’m not good enough”, “my blog isn’t as good as so-and-so’s”, “people don’t want to read my posts, etc.”  Sure, we all know we shouldn’t have those thoughts, but I think they’re a natural part of the blogging experience.  And if you know ahead of time that even if your follower numbers stay the same, your views are likely to drop off during the summer, it becomes easier to just go with the flow knowing the blogosphere will pick up again in the fall.

Of course, not all of our readers are in the northern hemisphere, and our Aussie and Kiwi friends are heading into winter, but I think it’s fair to say that the majority of English language bloggers are heading into summer right about now.

Have you noticed seasonal patterns in the blogosphere?  It would be particularly interesting to hear from people who’ve blogged for several years as to what kind of patterns they’ve noticed.

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33 thoughts on “Are There Seasonal Changes in Blog Traffic?”

  1. Like you I noticed numbers fall last summer and pick up again in the autumn/winter. This year I haven’t been writing as regularly so it’s hard to determine any pattern. But if people are outside more and busy doing real-life things there’s going to be less time for reading.
    Excited to hear about your new project x

  2. Now I think about it, it actually makes sense for stats to drop during Summer as a lot of people will spend less time inside on their laptop and more time in sun (well, not me…) I’ve actually noticed I have less blog posts scheduled in June and July and have had to write some at the last minute, whereas when I started my blog in April and it was a bit colder in the UK I had so many posts scheduled! Interesting post 🙂 x

    1. Yeah I’m curious to see if others have noticed the same thing, because it does make sense that people have other things going on int he summer.

  3. That is interesting! I can’t say I’d noticed particularly, but I think it would make logical sense in thinking of the social changes in general with a focus on going out more, people spending time outdoors and being busy elsewhere in their lives rather than in the blogosphere as much.x

  4. Oh, sure… My stats dropped since June, even though June was my strongest month. (Does that make any sense?) – It’s because I busted my hump everyday on it. I think my stats may actually really drop this month though… I’m fine with it.

  5. Well I can’t say much about the pattern, as I myself have been blogging for a year and a half too, but it’s kind of logical that people would be less active in the blogosphere during the summer. Last year I’ve noticed that many people were taking hiatuses or just suddenly stopped writing during the summer, and I had a hiatus myself, albeit forced and not to do with the time of the year. Funnily though, I remember having an oddly striking views record last year in July, which seems surprising if the stats are really getting lower in the summer months, especially that as far as I can remember I wasn’t posting that very dynamically in July. Will keep an eye on this this summer, but indeed, my June stats were really low this year.

  6. It’s an interesting question!! I’m not sure what happens with my blog, but my sense is that the more unhinged and irrational I become, the less people read my posts! 😀 That just made me laugh out loud. I’ve never intuited any sort of change in the seasons, but you could be onto something with that!! There does seem to be a tendency to kick back and relax in summertime!!

      1. You would think so, right? But I’ve noticed an adverse effect!! 😀 Sometimes I think my blog takes a turn for the dire, and people run screaming!!

  7. My numbers have definitely been slowing down. I’m not sure if it’s summer or if people are finally tired of me though. 😂 I do try to step up my engagement game in the summer though, because I want to keep readers and find new blogs to follow.

      1. If you say so, haha. I’ve had comments on my body positive posts that say “we get it.” 😂🤷‍♀️😘

  8. Yes! I have noticed patterns! Especially during a single day. A lot of people tend to be active around late evening or nighttime. Interesting post!

  9. 🙂 The only time that I would see a drop in incoming views is when it is an American holiday (That sort of thing happens when the majority of one’s readership is from a specific region).

  10. Hmm, interesting! I think I read and post more in the summer, on the weekends, and on holidays, the exact opposite of what people seem to be saying! 😂 I do blogging stuff when I have free time, and being a student, most of my free time is on breaks. Although I haven’t been writing much this summer… yet?

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