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Mental health bloggers needed!

book cover: Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis by Ashley L. Peterson

I’m currently working on my next book, Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis.  In it I’m peeling apart the diagnostic criteria for multiple different diagnoses to give a clearer, more reader-friendly picture of what each illness actually looks like.

Since the DSM criteria can never fully capture what it’s like to experience a given illness, I was looking for your help to add first-hand narratives of what it’s like living with the various kinds of illnesses.


I received some amazing contributions, and the book is now a reality.  As such, I’m no longer looking for contributions, but a huge thank you to everyone who’s expressed interest!

Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis is now available on Amazon!

135 thoughts on “Mental health bloggers needed!”

  1. I have ocd (pure o) rumination and googling and seeking reassurance. I think I also have health anxiety. I have major depression. Panic attacks. Suicidal ideation. PTSD. You name it. I’ve got it. I hate my life right now and don’t see any good right now.


      1. Things have been like this for so long, I have lost hope. I am desperate. I keep going to therapy. I called so many therapists yesterday that I know that have treated me one way or another. I have an apt in about two hours, then I will see my psychiatrist tomorrow night. And my regular therapist. I am a mess. I just wish my mom was around. I feel so alone. Lots to think about.

  2. I’d be interested in writing about autism or OCD, but I’m not sure whether I’m the ideal person; my autism is not officially diagnosed and my OCD was centred on Jewish ritual observance in a way that may be difficult for readers to connect with, particularly with such a small word-count. Interesting project, though, good luck with it.

  3. Such a good idea to get personal, first hand insights included and it’s lovely you’ve reached out to your blogging family first ♥
    I have experience with a few of these, I’d be happy to contribute something perhaps on bulimia or GAD. Sounds like a few others here are also keen to write something, but I’ll drop you an email soon anyway 🙂

  4. I would love to be a contributor but never been officially diagnosed with either social anxiety disorder or trichotillomania. Either way, best of luck to you for your book as you put it together.

  5. I could write a bit on my son’s ADD diagnosis as to what we went through trying to get him diagnosed, the medicine rollercoaster, and what has happened in the aftermath. He was actually diagnosed with ADD, clinical depression, and oppositional defiant disorder. If that would be any help.

  6. My husband has bipolar disorder, type 2, without schizotypal tendencies……I can add some information on living with a person with this diagnosis. I have to admit, i get extremely disgusted with the medication company’s adverts on television about bipolar…they seem to think all bi’s have extremely manic episodes …they don’t understand at all the variations of mania involved.

  7. I’ll be interested Ashley, although they haven’t diagnosed which type of bipolar I’ve got, I’m pretty sure it’s cyclothymia. I’ll email you 👍

  8. I’m interested in contributing for schizoaffective disorder (depression & schizophrenia). I, too, shall e-mail you. Within the next week if that’s okay?

      1. Alrighty.
        I imagine also having someone with bipolar disorder as the “affective” side of schizoaffetive disorder would be ideal? Just thought I’d mention it because you said you’re updating the list of needed contributors often

  9. If you can’t find someone for adjustment disorder, I can take that one too. I touched on it in my GAD chapter but can hone in for the adj dx. Just let me know 🙂

    1. Do you think that was a valid diagnosis given the anxiety disorder? I think if I include an adjustment disorder narrative it would probably be clearest if it was a stand-alone diagnosis.

      1. It was an incorrect diagnosis, but my interpretation could be interesting since I was a therapist going to therapy. It’s up to you

  10. If you ever need a Biploar I mixed episodes, rapid cycling (ultradian as mine can cycle daily on bad days), throw in a side order of OCD and adult ADHD viewpoint, let me know. I even have a couple of cool (as in sad) stories that I can give you although those might be better if not attributed to me directly. My BP has been med resistant until Lamictal although it still has its days.

  11. Not sure if I am too late! I suffer from both MDD and GAD, and I am also a clinical psychologist in trainee. If you still need any input, please do let me know! (I am very new here!)

  12. I have Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety, and PTSD. I’ve been on many many psychiatric drugs and none of them work. I have tried to commit suicide once. I did and had to be brought back.
    My life is a train wreck.
    Medication doesn’t help and therapists the ones I have seen have been a joke.
    I’d love a real life but I guess that’s impossible.

  13. Dam it! I missed this one. I can’t work due to brachial plexus injury (right arm doesn’t work) & severe head injury in 2013, which leaves me going through a wave of emotions – One day I will be on top of the world… next I’m at rock bottom barely able to function. I would have been an awesome case study! I suffer depression at times as well as severe anxiety. Since 2014, health & fitness has become a big part of my life, I had a baby in 2017, married 2018, another kid 2019. I would love to interact if you get a chance! or 🙂 have a lovely day! Xx

  14. I would like to write about tuberous sclerosis complex or graymass defect but still have little information ever researched only my experience as a person living with it.

  15. I don’t have a mental illness but I blogged about how the quarter life crisis is actually real. And how the amount of pressure I felt when I reached 25 to get my shit together nearly sent me to depression. I think there needs to be more awareness that even the “mentally healthy” (I use this term loosely) can start to deteriorate if they don’t recognise it soon.

  16. i would love to write a piece for you, i suffer with depression and on a daily basis i actually think about committing suicide. Everyone tells me i shouldn’t feel this way and that there is so much to live for. For some reason i don’t see it. If you want someone to be open and transparent about how they feel daily then i’m up for it

  17. I have a blog about my mental health. I just started and I haven’t completely been commited to it yet. I have severe bipolar 1. Have had a pychosis 3 times and have been struggling with finding the right medication for 9 years. I’ve been trying to post blogs about day to day struggles and what’s in my head. I plan to post a blog about my last pychosis soon.

    I thought Donald Trump was out to kill me and that Russia was going to drop a nuclear bomb on my house. Interesting story… I was in a pychosis for 5 months.

      1. It is… It really is but I am really trying to put in effort to win this battle. It’s about getting to know your ‘other side’ and being aware. Knowing that every chemical that you put in your body effects your balance. I will win this battle against bipolar. I know my blog is like an online journal but it could really give an outsider insight on what goes on it my head. That is if someone is interested.

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