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I’m not normally keen on blog statistics, and try to avoid looking at them for the most part.  They can offer some fascinating information, though.  This posts is going to focus on the “Referrers” section of your stats, i.e. sites where people click on a link to go visit your site.  I’m not going to talk about numbers per se, but rather the odd and assorted ways that people have arrived at my blog over the last 3 months.

Most people arrive at my site from WordPress.  Pinterest is #2, and the pin that sent the most people to my site from Pinterest was one for a post on ultra-rapid cycling bipolar, which surprised me since there was nothing particularly remarkable about the pin.  On the other hand, more elaborate pins that I’ve put more effort into have accomplished nada.

Next in referral traffic number comes search engines, including some I’d never heard of like Yippy, Health247, and Dogpile (what the heck kind of search engine name is that?).  Google and Bing are about equal in numbers, which surprised me, because I didn’t realize that anyone actually uses Bing.  The #3 search engine is Yahoo – again, I didn’t realize people still used that.

Google searches have come from an assortment of domain suffixes; some of them I recognize what country they signify, while others I’m not sure.  Some examples: .ro (Romania?), .ch (Switzerland?), .dk (Denmark?), (taking a real shot in the dark here – Zambia?), .my (another shot in the dark – Myanmar?), .se (?), and .sg (?).

Next up is Blogarama.  This puzzles me, because people can already read the posts on Blogarama.  Why bother clicking through to my site?

Eleven people visited from Tumblr.  How that happened, I don’t know.  I’ve certainly never posted anything to Tumblr so I don’t know why there would be a link to my site hanging out over there.  There were 8 people that came from Instagram, which was before I started an account a few days ago, so not sure how that happened.  That pales in comparison to the 79 I got from Facebook, which I don’t have an account on.

Three people arrived at my site from a Blackboard course site.  One person came from this site, which sounds rather cool yet creepy at the same time:

For a few more interesting stats, we turn now to readers by country.  I’ve had 5 visitors from Mongolia, 4 from Uzbekistan, 8 from Myanmar, 4 from Zambia, 39 from Nepal, and 1 from Papua New Guinea.  What a delightful international hodgepodge.

And some of the interesting searches that led people to my blog:

  • “autism doesnt exist and can be easily diagnose within childhood”
  • “why the american psychiatric association hates the cptsd diagnosis
  • “i suspect someone of having ptsd but they will not acknowledge this as an issue, what can i do?”
  • mse [mental status exam] for someone who is lying and minimizing”
  • “stigma is all about communicating effectively”
  • “why funding for mental health care ?”

Are there any strange and unexpected tidbits that turn up in your blog stats?

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34 thoughts on “Having Fun with Blog Statistics”

  1. I don’t really look at site stats much either, aside from likes. From what I’ve seen, referrals tend to be through WordPress itself and the spread of countries is mostly an unsurprising mix of Western Anglophone places. I was surprised at the small, but consistent amount of hits I was getting from India, but it’s probably not that surprising when you consider how populous India is.

  2. Wow! I wonder why the american psychiatric association hates chronic ptsd? Hmm… you’ve got me curious now… hold on…. Wow!! I had no idea!!

    Bad advice columns
    Bulldozer parenting
    Kenneth Brandhagen–okay, I had to google this myself, and he was the author of one incident of bad poetry which I criticized… YIKES! I hope I didn’t hurt the searcher’s feelings! (Really, Meg?)
    Jussie Smollett narcissist
    The decline of Disneyland
    What happens when the scammer is a real person?
    Phases of being
    What’s the difference between a jellyfish and a lawyer?
    There’s someone inside your house!
    It didn’t sit right.
    Overly virtuous
    Why does intimidation happen?
    Narcissism at its finest
    Grandma got run over by a reindeer
    What if I find evidence my client is guilty?!
    I dislike Oprah
    Is it bad to see a therapist who will retire soon?
    Why do people barge in uninvited at dinnertime?
    Lori Loughlin

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Oh my goodness!!

  3. On average I’m having around 10 different countries coming from WordPress, but nothing from search engines apart from Friday where I had one from I know it takes a while to be picked up by search engines, but thought I would be getting one or two from Google after 3 months?

          1. Ok thanks, I know it takes quite a long time, but I do get a message on google analytics saying I’m not receiving any hits, and it says I might not have my “Tags” setup properly? But I’m not sure if I have or haven’t lol.

            1. Metatags can only be set up on business plan or higher for Analytics won’t recognize activity on your site without tags.

  4. I’ve never looked in aggregate; only in passing. Now I want to go see! But first I had to tell you I chuckled out loud when I read your comment about Bing. I see a fair amount of traffic from Bing, too, and always have the same thought! “Wait, there are people who use Bing???”

  5. Wow this sounds interesting but also strange. I can understand you. I’m always wondering how people from countries which I never heard of find my blog.

  6. I didn’t realize that people still use Yahoo, but I didn’t think anyone *ever* used Bing lol! Those searches are definitely strange. I don’t think I’ve had any odd searches.

  7. LOL! I was wondering the same thing over the course of the last couple of months… “BING?” Really? I haven’t memorized all the strange sites that have come up, but a majority of them I can honestly say I have never heard of before.
    As far as tidbits are concerned, they too have been multiplying over the last couple of months…Most of them end up in Spam (Which is fine) If they are actually spam.

  8. Fascinating reading. I use Google Analytics and StatCounter for my Tumblr site. I find it very interesting how the two record statistics differently. Thanks for making me lol!

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever used that Blogorama thingy, I’m not sure I’d even heard of it until reading this. It’s interesting to see all these details about your blog, your readers & audience.. I must admit I don’t really pay any attention to my statistics but I’m quite curious now! xx

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