Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I’m no longer doing blog award posts, but  I wanted to say a huge thank you to Crystal of Maybe Crazy Help for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award and Mathew of Blog of the Wolf Boy for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  • The spam bots have really been going to town on my blog this week.  250 spam comments in a 24 hour period!  It’s kind of annoying that WP only allows you to delete 20 at a time.  Plus this morning there seemed to be weird things going on with my comments and notifications, so if I’ve inadvertently ignored you, my apologies.
  • After several unproductive weeks I was finally able to get some more writing done this week.
  • My story Why I choose not to see a psychiatrist was published in Feel, Heal, Share on Medium, and Put on your depression boxing gloves was published on The Haven.
  • I had a dental appointment this week for a cleaning.  I’ve always hated going to the dentist, and it always hurts.  When I’m unwell, though, it becomes much harder to tolerate.  It feels intrusive, and I feel like I’m drowning or suffocating.  A few times I’ve walked out mid-cleaning.  So now I pre-medicate.  Booze + Ativan.  It’s too bad they can’t start a midazolam IV at the dentist’s office.  Or hell, ketamine would be even better.  They seem to have marked in my chart at some point that I’m  crazy person, which works just fine because they sort of tip toe around me not wanting to set off any waterworks.  It also means they don’t nag like they used to, which is a pleasant change.
  • I made a spur of the moment decision to start an Instagram account.  My plan is to stay as far away as I can from supposedly perfect people living supposedly perfect lives.
  • I’m still pretty slow moving, but at least now I can push myself to speed up a bit for brief spurts as a sort of mask of normalcy.


How has your week been?


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45 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Congratulations with the publishing! That’s fantastic!
    I’m so fearful of the dentist, that it’s been over 7 years since I last went. So,I give you high kudos for you pulling it off!
    Hope you have a pleasant weekend, Ashley!

  2. Thanks for linking me. How come you don’t do the awards anymore, just too many nominations? P.s. I know it’s not funny, but I found how you described your dentist visits kind of hilarious. “Booze and Ativan”. Haha… Does anybody actually like the dentist?

    1. I was really keen on blog awards when I first started blogging, but doing the posts started to get quite time-consuming, so eventually I decided to stop.
      Anyone that likes the dentist probably deserves to be whacked over the head with a bottle of booze!

  3. Congratulations on having more of your work published!
    Ugh, I have to see the dentist this month but have yet to make an appointment. Good for you for having done just that!

  4. Wow, I’m sorry it’s so hard for you to go to the dentist! I hope it goes okay!! Keep us posted!

    Oh wow, your article about depression gloves is fantastic! I wanted to “clap” but I don’t have an account. I’ll clap here! Totally awesome!! I liked your other article as well!! And you’re so right–the quality of the healthcare provider often isn’t measured in his degrees!! I’m glad you can trust yours!

    You’ll have to educate me about Instagram. I’ve never grasped the concept. It took me years to master the hashtag at a fundamental level.

    My week was good… I think. Once again, I can hardly recall! I need to get one of those journals you mentioned where I can write daily accomplishments so they don’t get lost in my brain! 😮

    1. I’m pretty clueless about Instagram. The thing that seems the weirdest to me is that you can only post from a mobile device, not a computer.
      You should start a bullet journal – it’s a great way to compensate for memory not working the way it should!

  5. It wasn’t the best week, but you know… slogging on.

    I am lucky to have a dentist I like now, but I hear you. Once I was lectured by a hygienist during a cleaning that my migraines were due to Satan and I needed to be aware. Not kidding.

  6. The dentist, ugh that’s scary! I consider myself very lucky that I’ve never ever had any cavity so far, I don’t know what I would do because for me too even cleaning is a horror. Glad it’s over for you though. Have a good weekend. 🙂

  7. Congrats on your publications, that’s very cool.

    Good job achieving what you have this week. I do believe there are spam apps in WordPress that can rid you of those spam messages automatically, that might make life easier for you.

    Good luck with Instagram! I’m not on there but I’ve heard that studies show social media in general can be bad for people’s mental health – as you well know – because we see all these “perfect” “I want that” kind of life pictures and feel worse about ourselves. I think it would be interesting to have a discussion with a group of people about such effects. Good for you knowing what to avoid for yourself. I should do the same. 😉

  8. Glad you survived the dentist. Avoiding perfect lives its a great goal! I chose to come off IG today, too triggering for my anxiety.gonna focus more on my mh blog and newsletter. Had a mishap with mail chimp today that triggered a panic attack… But overall, week was good. Went on a mini vacation to a resort

      1. After that happened, I just made a template for next time and will be more hands on instead off relying on automation. Readers unsubscribe when you make to many mistakes

  9. I used to be fine at the dentist because I have good teeth, but it got harder once the tremor started; I just lie there hoping I won’t shake (see also: the barber and the optician). The cleaning is uncomfortable and painful even without the shaking, of course.

  10. Yay! I love Instagram! I know that there can be a lot of negativity on Instagram, but to be honest with you, along with Pinterest, I find so many inspirational quotes on Instagram. I know it’s super hard to follow accounts that don’t talk about anything else besides how wonderful their life is (I have nothing against that, cheers for them) but there are accounts there that are all about posting pictures of Mother Nature and poems. I usually like to use both my Instagram accounts to spread positivity and find inspirational quotes to cheer myself up!

  11. Sounds like things are getting a little better for you. I also am fearful of dental work and would have a general anaesthetic for a check up if I could! 😁

  12. Yay you for braving the dentist. Totally am empathizing with that “feels like your drowning” descriptor. Dead on. Bravo for going.

    My week has been… Okay? I think? Feels like the most recent depressive spell is starting to lift. I was able to write and get a couple posts out, which generally means I’m starting to do better. So, yay?

  13. I have to go to the dentist to get my wisdom teeth pulled out an I’m so afraid of it. I have to get one done at least this Summer. They are all 4 impacted. I really hate the dentist but it’s a nice one who understands my anxiety so that’s a plus. I’m happy everything went well. I will take an anti anxiety med Valium which help me to go… ughhh. I’m happy to follow you now on Instagram.

    1. That’s good that your dentist is so understanding.
      I’ve just started using Instagram, so I don’t really know what I’m doing yet – still playing around trying to figure things out.

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