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Working on us mental health prompts

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It’s week 2 of Beckie’s “Working On Us” mental health prompt series over at Beckie’s Mental Mess.  If you’re interested in participating, hop on over to her page for the complete info.

🌻 Prompt #1

What do you find to be the most challenging for you when it comes to your mental illness?  (You can give an example and also a means on to how to cope).

Sometimes it’s specific symptoms that are most challenging, but in the overall picture I think what’s been hardest is how much I’ve lost because of my depression.  The losses include happiness, interest, enjoyment, and functional ability.  This has been a change since earlier on in my illness, where I would have episodes of illness interspersed with periods of full remission.


face masks showing different emotions🌻 Prompt #2

See image to the right

I wear masks less often now than I used to.  That’s partly because I just can’t be bothered.  Also, I don’t have as much human interaction now, and I don’t particularly care what random people think.

I do wear a mask at work.  That doesn’t feel as unnatural, though, because I have an entire Nurse Ashley role identity that I step into at work.  It’s not that Nurse Ashley is a fake version of me, but it’s a persona that turns off certain elements of me, and that’s actually served me very well in maintaining a personal/professional separation.





8 thoughts on “Working on us mental health prompts”

  1. I can so identify with everything you’ve written. The losses are the hardest thing to cope with and I miss the old me. My roommate shared a picture she had taken of me from a few years ago, I was actually smiling and there was no mask disguising that happiness. She asked, what happened to this woman? My answer was, depression has really gripped me.
    Excellent post, Ashley! Thank you so very much for participating in Week #2 of “Working on Us”

  2. Liked what you said about the ‘nurse mask’. I’m always able to ‘turn on’ my work persona, and I often find it easier/less exhausting than leisure-based social situations, because I understand the professional boundaries and work expectations, but trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be with acquaintances, or small talk, or people I know but not that well? Exhausting. Maybe one day I’ll be less bothered xD

    1. I find that work interaction is less spontaneous, as there’s a set of pre-existing responses to draw from, while social interaction there’s more of a need to think of new responses on the fly.

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