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The Therapeutic Value of Blogging

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Time for a quick followup to my request earlier this week for your input on the mental health benefits of blogging.  I’m working on an article for on the therapeutic value of blogging, but here’s an overview of people’s responses.  I put on my pretend researcher hat and coded your responses, and here are some of the most common themes that emerged, grouped by overarching theme. 

The notation “N=” indicates how many people’s responses reflected each theme.

Theme #1: Interactions with others

  • Sense of community (N=10)
  • Being able to relate to others with similar experiences (N=7)
  • Feeling not alone (N=7)

Blogging is an excellent way to access informal peer support.

Theme #2: Self-oriented and writing process benefits

  • Venting/release/catharsis (N=8)
  • Better recognizing/understanding/processing own thoughts/feelings (N=7)
  • Easier to express thoughts and feelings in writing than by speaking (N=7)

Theme #3: Having a safe space separate from “real life”

  • Being myself and being able to express myself freely (N=5)
  • Not wanting to upset others in “real life” (N<5)
  • Having a safe space (N<5)

Theme #4: Time spent blogging

  • Accomplishing something (N<5)
  • Positive way to spend time (N<5)
  • An escape, something to look forward to, something to commit to (N<5)

Thanks to everyone for your input!  Is anyone surprised by any of these results about the therapeutic value of blogging?

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10 thoughts on “The Therapeutic Value of Blogging”

  1. I totally agree with this and am glad you put this survey together. I would add that before blogging I journaled, but often was lax about writing. Having a blog provides more incentive to write regularly, while hopefully connecting with others.

  2. This is so interesting and so true! 💗 Everyday I’m so thankful to be part of this beautiful community. I will never ever stop blogging. It’s my life. It makes me happy, inspired and less alone 💗

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