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How Do You Follow?

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We all interact with the blogging world a little differently.  I really don’t know much about how the “average” blogger does things, so I thought I’d do a little survey.

It’s a basic Google Form, and here’s the link:

The questions are:

  • How many blogs do you follow? (i.e. blogs you follow, not people who follow you)
    • <100, 100-499, 500-1000, or >1000
  • Do you have more followers or blogs you’re following?
    • more followers, more following, or around even
  • How do you usually find other bloggers’ posts?
    • WordPress reader, email notifications, visiting the blogger’s website, or other

My answers: >1000; more followers; WordPress reader

The survey is now closed.  Thanks to everyone who responded.   You can find the survey results here.

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28 thoughts on “How Do You Follow?”

  1. Since I started blogging six years ago, the quantity of blogs has exploded

    The way we can hit like without reading a post can be deceptive

    Do we crave followers and likes?

    Our Ego’s want approval, success, relevance, importance and power

    It is overwhelming the number of blogs now

    We have to be selective

    I guess I would rather have a few reading and taking action to heal than 500 likes

    1. That makes sense. I spend a great deal of time each day reading other people’s blogs, and for me it’s been a mostly positive experience to see such a broad array of ideas and opinions.

  2. Filled it out! I follow over 200 blogs I think, have more followers, and usually use Reader, both to see people I follow and to find new blogs via their search function.

  3. Wow, you follow a lot of blogs!! 😮

    Uh oh… major thunderstorm outside!! Sounds vicious!

    Just counting blogs I actually participate in and/or receive participation from, probably around… five, I think? I find other bloggers’ posts in my inbox! I know I should spent some quality time at the wordpress reader, but I’ve never gotten around to it! Someday I’ll find new blogs to follow!!

    1. Thunder isn’t exactly long weekend friendly weather!

      Yeah, I follow a lot of blogs, but I think probably a sizeable chunk of those have stopped blogging but not deleted their blogs.

  4. I follow around 200, recently trimmed my WordPress Reader list.

    I started my blog very recently while I have commented and lurked in the WP community for several years, so I follow WAY more folks than those who follow me. I usually search via WordPress reader 🙂

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