Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I stopped doing blog award posts a while back, but I wanted to say a huge thank you to Michelle from My Life Story for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger award.
  • I haven’t been feeling well the last few weeks, and have been having some mild psychotic symptoms. Earlier week I was feeling like I didn’t know how to walk anymore; not that I couldn’t at all, but it felt totally unnatural.  Anyway, I’m taking a higher dose of quetiapine now and that’s been helping.
  • I worked Thursday and Friday night.  Thursday I was working with someone I haven’t worked with for quite a while, and she’s one of those bubbly social types, so she was asking a lot of questions, including asking multiple times how I was doing.  But it didn’t take too long for my asociality to win out and shut down the chit chat.  I wasn’t particularly functional at work, but luckily I can get away with that on night shift.
  • My massage therapist is back after her vacation and some sick time, so I had a massage this week, which was nice.
  • My story Why I Choose to Be Childless was published on A Few Words, a new publication on Medium.  It was an article I started months ago, so it was good to finally finish it and give it a home.  I also published Why Everyone Needs Guinea Pigs on The Haven, another Medium publication.
  • In case you’re not familiar with my fascinations with yurts (with a side of yak), you’ve been missing out (or not).  But you can check out my story Dreaming of Kyrgyzstan on Wander.media.


How has your week been?


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35 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Congratulations on being published twice this week! I really want to experience a yurt sometime. Usually I go remote camping each summer, but this year I just dont feel like I want to go bathroom-less for 4 days.
    Have a good weekend Ashley ❤️

  2. Coming back from Windsor today. Tomorrow will be a quiet day with feet up, or pampering, then I shall read my work related stuff for new job, so it’s read before I start.

  3. I’m really concerned about your health!! I wish I could help! I’m worried! If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know! And please keep us posted about what the doctors say!!

  4. Oh that’s really awful about the psychotic symptoms, but I’m glad that it’s better now. As nice as and well-intentioned such bubbly people may be, such a chit chat can be really quite overwhelming. So great that you had a massage this week finally. 🙂 I love your guinea pigs story! 🙂 Maybe if I didn’t have my Misha, and weren’t such a crazy cat lady, and didn’t know how adorable Russian blues are, and if Misha wasn’t so asocial, you’d even manage to convince me and I’d get myself a guinea pig. 😛

  5. I read your “Why I Choose to be Childless” post, and could relate. A lot of the things you mentioned are things I have grappled with as well. Like wondering about whether or not my baby would become bipolar like me.

    Great post, Ashley! We need to discuss childlessness/childfreedom with regard to mental illness more often.

  6. Bubbly people can be overwhelming. Its good to hear you are doing better. If you never need to talk, I am a great listener.

    Congrats on getting published.

  7. I can totally relate with the being asocial in a social job. This week was much better than last. The difference was made with self care and in practicing gratitude. Headed over to read your childless post now! 👋🏽

  8. Not sure how to comment on the childless post. Wow. Such a unique perspective. I definitely don’t think you’re selfish in your choice. You’re brave and unique in sharing this important perspective.

  9. Wow Ashley, that’s an awesome accomplishment on the ebook. I may just have to read – it’s perfect timing for me with Zoloft being new to my life. I’m sorry you had a rough week and felt not completely functional, but glad to hear some improvement came your way. Still, that’s never fun and it takes a lot of strength to push through.

  10. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling rather rough the past couple of weeks, I do hope that upping the quetiapine continues to help. Glad you had a good massage, too; did you tell your therapist she can’t take any more holidays or sick leave this year? 😉

  11. Congrats on being published twice 🙂

    I was moved by your article on choosing to be childless. My partner and I have decided we will never raise children. One of my reasons is my desire to ensure I will never be a dysfunctional parent to any child.

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