Anyone need a haircut?

guinea pig with strand of chewed hair

My little baby monster Oreo is a barber.  Most guinea pigs don’t do this, but for no apparent reason some guinea pigs have their own little side hustle barbering.   It involves chewing off hair, and yes, barbering is the actual name for it.  Oreo will go through brief spurts of it, and then won’t do it for months.  We’ve recently begun another spurt.

Yesterday I was having a cuddle with her on my chest, and she decided I was in need of some barbering.  In the picture above, the lock of hair sitting in front of her silly face is my own hair.  She chewed it off, then proceeded to try to eat it.

She hasn’t chewed off too much of Casper’s hair yet, but over the past couple of days she’s really gone to town on Cookie, who’s pictured below.  Cookie normally has long hair, but now she’s got a mullet.  Oreo trimmed it pretty evenly around the sides, but left a bit of longer hair in front.

I don’t know what I’d do with my life if i didn’t have piggies.

guinea pig with short shaggy hair

34 thoughts on “Anyone need a haircut?”

  1. Lol. I have learnt something new today. I did not know guinea pigs have a thing of doing this. I’m at my mum’s today and staying the night, as painting her bedroom today and tomorrow, so I have just read this post to her and shown her the photos. So mum has had a chuckle too.

  2. This is hilarious! First time I’ve lol’d in a while. Thanks, sweet Oreo. Tell Cookie she looks great!! FYI – my step-daughter (boyfriend of 6 years daughter) used to call me Cookie.

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