Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I had two migraines with extended dizziness hangovers.  Not particularly fun.
  • Other than that, though, it’s been mostly an uneventful week.  Worked one night shift.  I was checking the new medication administration sheets for the week, and something didn’t seem right.  Turns out the pharmacy had made a mistake, but it took my a substantial amount of staring at the med admin sheets, the doctor’s orders, and the packed medications before I could figure out the problem.  It’s not a big deal that it was such a production, but it’s one of those sneaky reminders that I’m not functioning like my “normal” where it would take me 1-2 minutes.  I’m not putting myself down, and I think I’m doing pretty well for the most part given the ongoing cognitive symptoms I have, but it’s just one of those reminders.
  • There’s been no woodpecker activity this week.  Mama has a separate roosting area somewhere else, so I’m hoping they’re hanging out over there rather than any more disturbing alternatives.
  • I Google myself every so often as part of keeping an eye on my “personal brand’ and all that crap, and sometimes there are surprises  The latest surprise was that I discovered an interview form that I’d submitted to New Life Outlook last year and never heard back about – well, it was published on their site.  Okay then!  What really struck me, though, is that I had chosen a picture taken from a trip to Russia in 2012 to submit along with the interview answers.  In 2012 was in the midst of a depressive episode, and I’d lost about 30 pounds from my baseline weight at the time, and even that old baseline was 40 pounds lighter than I am now).  The picture I selected for New Life Outlook doesn’t capture it, but this is a photo from the same trip that does, and it disturbs me every time I see it.  In my world, skinny ≠ good.  Skinny = sick.  This was also the best fake smile I could come up with to see the Kirov Ballet, which I couldn’t bring myself to give a crap about.

sick selfie

  • I was annoyed, although who knows maybe I shouldn’t have been, when after Johnzelle’s emerging blogger post went up on Monday, I got an email from someone about wanting to be featured in the series.  She was planning on starting a business with her site, and it sounded like she wanted to get more attention for that purpose.   As far as I could tell she’d never visited my blog before, and she didn’t bother to follow it before emailing me.  I don’t need more followers, so it’s not about that, but it just seemed tacky that she’s not interested in my blog but she wanted me to promote her.  Maybe I’m being overly sensitive, but it felt like I was being taken advantage of, and that felt kind of icky.
  • An article I did on How to be a smart research consumer was picked up by the Hubpages site Owlcation.

How has your week been?


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25 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. I hope you feel better soon 💗 I have stomach cramps this week which is also no fun. I can understand that just promoting someone for their business isn’t the goal for that serie. It’s good that you are careful. You are a good person.

  2. Oh, wow! Pharmaceutical errors are a huge deal! Your employers should be kissing your feet for catching it! I sort of know what you mean about your mind being in a haze. I get that way a lot, but I just figure I’m processing something at a deep level (like an uncomfortable emotion, or a reaction to something), and am therefore spaced out and unfocused. That, or I’m hungry.

    Oh no! Come back woodpeckers! Come back and peck!!

    Wow, yeah, you do look thin in that photo!! We need to get serious about weightloss! We can do it! We must make skinny = healthy again!!

    Yeah, I’d be sort of peeved by that, too. It’s a bit tactless to try to use a friendly getting-to-know-other-bloggers concept to promote one’s business.

    Let’s see… my week was interesting. I had this conversation with my brother: I told him how we put the doggie in foster care. He said, “What? He’s gone? I would have taken him!” And I was sort of facepalming, because I’d never even bothered to let my brother know I was having problems with the dog, right? I was afraid he was mad or hurt that I’d just given the dog up, so I explained quickly the issues Sammy had. And my brother’s response was, “Oh! Maybe that’s why he tried to bite me.” And I was like, “He did? Freaktastic. I’m sorry to hear that!” And then my brother said he hopes Sammy’s happy in his new home. Whew, everything’s fine!! 🙂

  3. I hope you feel better soon!

    And I agree that it’s really jarring to look at old photos from depressive times. I recently saw a picture of myself from my thesis defense and was shocked at how unhealthy I looked (too thin for my clothes, giant bags under my eyes, oily hair and face).

    Also I would be annoyed too if I felt like someone was taking advantage of me just to promote themselves! She could have at least followed your blog and done some research about you first.

  4. So sorry to learn about your migraines, could it be from allergies? I’m getting headaches from mine, but thankfully, not the extreme.
    Congrats on the publication! That is wonderful news. Also, I wish I looked as nearly great when I was going through a depressive episode. That’s a very nice picture of you!

  5. That person who wanted you to promote them? As my friends and I used to say: très tacky. I would just ignore them, which I’m guessing you will do. 🙂 Feel better soon!

    1. Thanks! Peppermint oil definitely helps when I have tension headaches, but unfortunately it hasn’t helped my migraines. I have a fab little roll-on formula from Saje and was so excited to have discovered it!

  6. So sorry about your migraines and dizziness, I have both more or less regularly and I know they are crappy. Yeah I guess in the same situation I’d be also a little bit annoyed with that girl, if she wants so desperately to promote her business she could at least try to do it in a nicer way, take some time to get to know your blog and you and not go out with that right away ’cause that indeed sounds a bit calculated to me, and there are plenty other ways to promote your business, or so I believe, that would probably be more appropriate and relevant for her to try anyway. Yeah weird things you can find sometimes googling yourself. 😀 I hope you feel better physically next week. 🙂

  7. I don’t think you’re being unreasonable about not wanting to promote someone who seems only interested in gaining exposure. Of course that’s a perk of being featured but you get to chose if the motives are right. I wouldn’t beat myself up. Blogs are a lot of work and if you get a weird vibe from someone, it’s not worth your time.
    My week has been going pretty well. Glad that the month is almost up because doing 3 posts a week has been a lot for Counseling awareness month. Still doing a lot of marketing for my business but my know/like/trust factor seems to be improving so thats a win.
    Great post!

    1. You’ve definitely been busy this month!
      Yeah sometimes it takes a bit of time and reflection to figure out if I’m having a petty reaction, or a petty-like reaction layered over top of something more solid.

  8. I do think you’re doing well so I’m glad you’re not putting yourself down re: what happened on the work shift, I think you should be glad you picked it up at all as the pharmacy failed to in the first place. An interesting one with the self-Googling. They really should have told you they were publishing that interview, wonder why they didn’t. I would have been very hard pushed to smile at a ballet, so I think you did well even inching up the corners of your mouth ever so slightly. Good effort!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I’m curious about them not telling me about publishing the interview. Did they forget? Did they assume I would be checking the site to see if it was published? Oh the mysteries of the world…

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