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Can People Find Your WordPress Blog from Your Gravatar?

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When people follow my blog, I usually try to check out their site. On a pretty regular basis, though, I can’t. I click on their Gravatar, and it takes me to a WordPress page saying the blog is no longer available.

If at any point you’ve changed the name of your site, make sure the correct link is associated with your Gravatar. In case anyone’s not sure how to get there, click on the little circle with your picture in the top right corner of your screen on the WordPress website. In the Profile section, scroll down to profile links, and make sure it’s the right URL.  Also make sure the Account section has your correct link.



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59 thoughts on “Can People Find Your WordPress Blog from Your Gravatar?”

  1. I have found this too when someone has followed me, so I plan to check them out and see if I can follow, but can’t because the link don’t work. If blog no longer available, then blog link ought to be removed.

      1. Yes, I would suspect too. I remember being new to WordPress many years ago finding out what my Gravatar was all about, I think about three months into blogging.

  2. Ooh, thanks, I think I fixed mine!! Click on it and see!! I went ahead and linked both of my sites to it! I discovered that it was saying mine was deleted, when really it was hidden. I wound up figuring it out at the gravatar website somehow!! Great PSA!!

  3. I have often this also! I want to check the blogs of my new foolowers and when I click on it tells me the blog is no longer available. It annoying me because I want to look in their blogs but I can’t!

  4. I’ve only been bogging for just over a week, so I’m still trying to find my way around. What I’ve found is when I go to checkout another blogger, it tells me I need to login, when I’m already logged in? Am I missing something, or does anyone else have this problem?

      1. Thanks for the tip, I’m wondering if it’s because I’m using my iPad, although that shouldn’t make a difference should it?

                    1. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong then, I’ll have to look into this further, thanks for your help 😊👍

                    2. The only other thing I can think of is if you go in My Sites under Manage and then Domains, make sure you’ve got the proper site selected as your primary site. I don’t have any other ideas 🙁

                    3. I have 2 domains, the free one, and the blogger domain, which is my primary site. So I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong?

                    4. It looks like your free site is “”. Your Gravatar is pointing at “”, which doesn’t exist.

                    5. When I go to my Gravatar my end, below my profile pic it says “websites” and below that is my blog page, where I can click on it to take me to my page? I don’t know why it’s not working else where?

                    6. Thanks for all your help Ashley, it’s much appreciated. I’ll have to contact WordPress tomorrow, to see if they can help 😊👍

  5. If you’ve tried to find mine recently you’ll have been unsuccessful. I’ve stopped writing my blog and deleted the site, and the gravatar is no longer linked.

  6. Hi Ashley,
    Can I share this to my blog? I’m getting the same thing when bloggers follow me!, or there’s no site at all on their Gravatar. I wouldn’t have known this, until you told me about my Gravatar. Thanks 😊👍

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