Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I got home Tuesday night from 5 days visiting my parents and Grandma. Grandma enjoys having me there, but her dementia makes it exhausting. It was a bit frustrating that she kept asking how much I was working, which is not something she’s ever really done before and not something I want to talk about. She doesn’t remember that I have a mental illness, and there’s no point telling her since she wouldn’t understand or remember.
  • I got an amazing response asking for people to participate in my emerging blogger series.  There was one sour note, though.  Someone submitted a post that was almost entirely plagiarized.  I happened to discover this because I was googling to find a link to add to the text.  It strikes me as so bizarre that in a community of writers there are people who think that plagiarism is ok.
  • I had my appointment with the rheumatologist this week.  He’s inclined to think that I don’t have lupus, but he ordered a bunch of blood tests and I’ll see him in a few weeks to review the results.  This is kind of good, in that lupus wouldn’t be a good thing to have,  but it also leaves me with no explanation for the assorted weirdness that’s been going on.
  • The one night I worked this week was with a fellow staff member I’d never met before.  During the shift we chatted very little, which was perfect for me, but then when the day staff showed up in the morning he was chatting away with them like they were bosom buddies (where on earth did that term come from?).  I’m so glad he didn’t pull that social crap with me, which reminds me how much of a curmudgeon (and quite contently so) that I’ve become.


I was searching Pixabay for bicycle images, and this gem came up that I couldn’t un-see no matter how much I wanted to, so I thought I would share for a little cringeworthy fun.

man wearing a thong riding a bike


Now that I’ve scarred you forever, how has your week been?


psych meds made simple


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38 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up

  1. eirlysgwenllian says:

    That’s a relief that your rheumatologist doesn’t think it’s lupus, but I also hope that you soon will get some info about what it is, I know it can be a very stressful stage when you don’t know and are looking for the answer. I hope it won’t be something too hard to get rid of or chronic like lupus. And sorry about your grandma’s memory declining so badly, that’s a sad thing to observe in a loved one. 😦

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Meg says:

    YAAAAAAA!!!! That image is burned onto my retinas! HELP!! 😀

    You found someone who plagiarized a post?! Shut the front door. That is alarming. Especially when mental illness is involved (assuming as much about the content of his post), you can’t make this stuff up!! 😮

    I was thinking about your illness, and I was wondering if it’s possible you had mono? It could explain the cold symptoms, fatigue, dizziness, etc. I had it in college, and I nearly keeled over and died in history class.

    I think “bosom buddies” comes from Anne of Green Gables, but that’s just a guess! That’d hurt my feelings, honestly, if he was recalcitrant with me all night and then jumped into socializing with day staff. Geez. What a kiss-up! Maybe he’s the sort who wants to get promoted to day staff, so he’s trying to win them all over! Maybe no one’s told him the job becomes a million times harder when the patients are conscious!! At any rate, he seems fake.

    Sorry to hear about Grandma!! But I know she was so happy to see you!! 🙂

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  3. Revenge of Eve says:

    LMAO!!!! I am over here dying at that photo…bahahahaha!! I love you Ashley, curmudgeon you and all your glory. I don’t understand plagiarism myself, however, I sometimes feel as though I may do that when I do art – to an extent. I suppose it’s more “inspired by” because I would never duplicate some else’s art. It would be difficult to operate a blog where you copied other people’s work. How would you establish your voice?

    I am happy to hear that you spent time with your GMa because you treasure that bond and if something were to happen, you would have been regretful. About the lupus..yay and wtf?! How many blood test will that have to run? It seems redundant. My week has been… I don’t know really, I can’t seem to discern between the good and bad days anymore.

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  4. Invisibly Me says:

    I’m so sorry about your grandma, I can see how that must be tough to deal with and sad, too. But it’s good to hear your rheumie doesn’t think you have lupus; fingers crossed the bloods come up with some other potential avenue to explore because as much as it’s good not having that diagnosis, as you say, it leaves you at square one with not knowing what’s causing the ‘assorted weirdness’.
    And thank you, for sharing the image that is now also seared into my retinas. Sometimes you’re just too generous Ashley! Hahah, that dude is going to get some serious chafing going on!
    Have a good weekend lovely xx

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  5. Johnzelle says:

    Baja hahahahaha! Such a gem 💎 😂 glad you got to visit family. I’m similar to you in work settings, that’s why I went into solo practice. Though my office mate has shown that she’s controlling and immature this week. Had to have a confrontation about that 😒 This weekend is about self care and rest. Great post

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Kerry says:

    So glad he thinks you don’t have lupus–it’s an asshole disease for sure. Hopefully he can figure out what’s happening though. Autoimmunes are tricky buggers for sure!!
    Think I’ll go and try to burn that image away with some acid…..blech!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Nat says:

    Grandparents are a treasure I wish I had. It’s nice you get to see and spend time with your grandmother. Sorry about that weirdness with the staff member. Actually, scratch that. There was nothing weird about the situation and you were fine. Thongs are weird though. And look painfully uncomfortable.

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