Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I have woodpecker babies!  Ok maybe not me specifically, but the woodpeckers roosting on my balcony.  I’ve seen two, but there may be more.  Unfortunately I haven’t managed to get pictures yet.
  • I’ve been quite dizzy this week.  It feels kind of like being drunk and the world is wobbling around me.
  • I live adjacent to a university campus.  I was at the liquor store on Thursday, which I believe was the last day of classes, because the place was packed with 19 year olds.  There was one chickypoo whose shorts were so short that if she didn’t have a good bikini wax there would have been a serious wardrobe malfunction.  You know your shorts are too short when…
  • I saw one of my regular patients this week to do her Abilify injection.  It’s a bit of a production to prepare, and I’m so clumsy because of my tremor.  Luckily she likes my injections because they don’t hurt, so she doesn’t seem to mind putting up with me dropping things.  For whatever reason the ability to do the darting motion required for an intramuscular injection isn’t affected by the tremor.
  • I’m staying at my parents’ place right now.  They live in the same city as my Grandma, who’s 102 years old.  The last time I saw Grandma she has just moved into a care home and was having a hard time adjusting, but she’s doing a lot better now.  The downside of visiting now, though, is that I’m missing prime woodpecker baby time.
  • I got added as an author to another publication on Medium, Mariposa Magazine, and published I quit: Leaving a job due to workplace bullying.
  • A few months back I discovered Bella Grace Magazine in a post on Everyday Magic with Jubilee.  It sounded like a great publication, so I decided to submit an article.  I found out this week that my article will be published in their summer edition.  Yay!
  • I had an article rejected, but it didn’t faze me, which feels like progress.
  • I’m trying out a writing platform called Hubpages.  I haven’t decided yet whether or not I’m going to stick with it, but here’s my first post I am not my meds.
  • A while back I had switched over to using the Google Chrome browser because “like” buttons on WordPress websites weren’t working in Safari.  Then yesterday out of the blue it stopped working in Chrome and is now working in Safari.  What the hell WordPress?

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How has your week been?


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25 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Congrats on your success, I may check out that mag myself. I’ve been having trouble liking and such on WordPress too unless I am on my laptop. I was thinking you may have an inner ear infection. You should get checked out.

  2. Dang! A lot happened this past week, and now over the weekend. I’m so happy your a woodpecker Auntie! How precious!!! 😊
    Damn, I don’t wear shorts, and I maintain my hygiene. Stupid little twirp!
    Congrats of the publishing…You are really getting out there, and I’m so proud of you!!! 😊 Enjoy all the time spent with your grandmother!!

  3. All sounds good, except for your dizziness of course.

    I use Google Chrome on my phone, but found I have had no issues liking posts. But my issue with Gmail still continue.

  4. Yass! I loved your post about workplace bullying. As you know, I just came out of a similar situation. I learned this week that they laid me off for personal reasons because they immediately hired someone to fill the place. But anyway, loved when you said, “As for those who bullied me, I’ve come to see forgiveness as not my problem; that’s something they need to seek from their own higher powers, and they deserve no further thought or consideration from me.” you rock!

    1. Thanks! That’s so slimy what happened with the place you had worked. It’s really unfortunate how many yucky employers there are. But you’re free from all that now!

  5. How some young adults dress these days is just disgusting…Why does anyone need to wear shorts that show off one’s own crotch?

  6. Wow, you got into the Bella Grace magazine?! That is so righteous!! I tried once and they never got back to me!! Great job! It’s sold at my bookstore, so I’ll buy a copy with your article in it!! Don’t let me forget when it comes out!

    Yeah, wow, the person at the liquor store’s shorts are too short!! 😮 WAYY too short. I went to a liquor store recently, too. There was a sign outside saying that public urination would be prosecuted. I was like, “Wow, that’s classy!”

    I’m so glad you’re spending quality time with Grandma!! YAY!!

    My week has been physically rotten due to this cold, but otherwise great!

    1. No public urination seems like a sign that shouldn’t be necessary. Although I must say when I was travelling in India I was surprised how mainstream public urination seemed to be.

      I was surprised to hear from Bella Grace since it’s been a while since I sent it in. It’s an article about the mindfulness benefits of my pet woodpeckers!

  7. I also felt dizzy this week and had my heart beating fast because of anxiety due to being on my period and anxious for the internship interview I did. I hope you feel better soon ❤️ WordPress also didn’t function for me tonight like I couldn’t scroll anymore.

  8. I don’t know how girls wear such short shorts. Surely can’t be too comfortable either.
    Aww woodpecker babies! Hope you manage to get some photos, they’d be nice to see.
    I’m sorry you’ve had such issues with tremors & dizziness. I do hope things ease off over next week.
    You can definitely brush off the one article rejection because you’re doing amazingly being added as an author to other sites and then being published in the summer elsewhere, you’re rocking’ it. I know of Hubpages, but I’ve never written there. Is that a paid platform (pay per click or rate or your article)? I can’t remember, and I get confused with other ones.
    I swear WP is getting increasingly glitchier. Is that even a word? It is now!
    Caz xx

    1. If glitchier isn’t a word it should be!
      Hubpages can be connected to Google Adsense. I’m skeptical, but thought I’d give it a try.
      I hope I can get lots of woodpecker baby pics!

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