Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

I’ve spent all week being a palliative care nurse to my geriatric guinea pig Squeaky.  He was really sick on Monday, and I was certain he was going to die that day.  Except he didn’t.  Little man was never much of a cuddler before, but he became a total cuddlebug, I think for the warmth.  Finally this morning he passed away in my arms to go join his best friend Zippy at the rainbow bridge.  I’ve already came to terms with the fact that he was dying, and now I mostly feel a sense of relief that he died very peacefully and hedoesn’t have to fight any more.

I had put together a spreadsheet with supporting data from Google Maps to demonstrate to the employer’s system for calculating travel time wasn’t working.  I was assured by the director that this did not represent reality (!) and I had neglected to include the many patient visits for which I had been overpaid (she pulled this straight out of her ass).  I contemplated terminating my contract with them, but I’m going to hold off on that since I don’t have any alternatives identified.

I was checking my blog notifications the other night at work, and saw that some yucky naked dude had followed my blog.  I mentioned this to my coworker/friend, who is a bit internet naïve.  He asked what I meant, and I had to show him and explain the dick pic phenomenon.  I  can’t imagine that ever in the history of random dick pic-ing has it been successful even once.

I’ve been too preoccupied with guinea pig care to even try to do much writing.  However, I did finally get around to writing a piece to submit to Alt Minds, a mental health literary magazine I heard about from Karen at Blue Sky Days 365.

On Vocal Media’s Wander site I published How to be a solo female traveller extraordinaire.  Not that I am one any more, but whatever.

This week on the Best Life Collaborative:

Using WordPress.org is quite the learning curve.  After some wrestling with it, there are now like buttons and social share buttons on the BLC posts.

How has your week been?


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32 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. I am so sorry about Squeaky, that’s incredibly sad. I’m glad he was able to pass peacefully, with you there for comfort, and plenty of cuddles to remind him how loved he was.  ♥

    The work thing sounds very frustrating What’s your next step, maybe see what other options are out there and look to move elsewhere?

    Well done on still getting writing and submissions done, what with the things going on at work and your poor little guy you must be pretty exhausted with things. Are you taking the weekend to rest and distract yourself a little?

    Sending hugs,
    Caz xxxx

    1. Thanks xo. Yeah, I’m just going to have a quiet weekend. I really have no idea about the whole work thing, because I don’t think there really is a “good” option. Oh well, I’m going to make some peanut butter cookies and that’s a good distraction from anything. ❤️

  2. I’m so sorry about Squeaky. He was a wonderful guinea and a good friend. 🙁 God bless his beautiful spirit as it crosses the rainbow bridge!!

    Wow, I’m impressed with how you took on your employers!! They sound rotten for trying to cut corners with your pay. I wish you had some sort of legal recourse, or something.

    You got a naked blog follower?!?! 😮 Yikes!! Wow, that’s… perverse!! Goodness gracious!!

    Why aren’t you an extraordinary female solo traveler any longer? I wish you happy travels in the future!! 🙂

  3. Poor Squeaky <3
    Thanks for the name drop, if you're lucky I might remember that I've told you about it now!

    Your employers are sharks, but you're right until you have an alternate option your hands are tied.
    Hope you manage to focus on something positive this weekend xx

  4. Your care for Squaky this week has been great to hear about. Glad you had time to prepare for his loss. I’m pisses about the sideways remark made when you took the time to gather data about the mileage. If it’s a toxic work environment, start looking for other options. You deserve to be treated with dignity. My week was good. Working hard at marketing my private practice. Also started a PRN job (within walking distance of my apartment) doing mental health televideo assessments for behavioral health units.

  5. So sorry about Squeaky passing away, that’s really sad, even if you knew it’s likely to happen. 🙁 I’m glad though that he had you and lots of cuddles from you. Hope he’s in some happy, nice and safe place now. Hugs to you. 🙂 Wow your employers sound really nasty, don’t envy you dealing with them at all, and what a pity that you don’t have any alternatives at the moment, really sucks. It’s great to see that you’re still writing so much for different websites. 🙂

  6. So sorry to hear about Squeaky, but glad you were able to comfort and cuddle him in his final days.

    I hope you find an alternative employer. X

  7. Sorry about the loss of your pet. It’s never easy to let go of a beloved animal. You did your best for him.

    I’ve had my share of followers I deemed questionable. I don’t want to name exactly who it was as I don’t wish to embarrass anyone. The blog wasn’t exactly explicit content but I’ll just say I felt slightly uncomfortable browsing around.

    1. Thanks. xo
      I’ve had quite a few questionable followers in other ways, but thankfully this was the first naked dude. There’s one random dude lately who’s been leaving hearts in the comments. Never a dull moment on WordPress.

  8. Same thing used to happen to me with kilometres and my boss.. must be in some secret bosses manual. As for dick pics, couldn’t agree more, but my daughter says a friend of hers likes them. Can’t think why.

  9. Glad I read this one Ashley,

    Squeaky did move on peaceful then, sad to know but happy he got all the cuddles for his journey until we meet again Amen.

    You had quiet a week girl – I mean I could do with yours but without the ass employer stuff or the naked dick loon lol

    Mine has been beeeeezzzzzzzyyyyyy but I got a lover man since last month and he is my balm of so much for real. I was on the road and co, but my biggest accomplishment this week was finishing your book. I seriously learned so much, will hopefully get down to writing a ‘befitting review’ this afternoon. I marvel at where you found it in you to do all that grueling research – that should be in the review now hahaha

    Keep it going no matter how baby the steps – they are steps too

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