Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I had pulmonary function testing done, which involved sitting in a small room for 40 minutes with a respiratory therapist and a student observing, and inhaling and exhaling in certain patterns to test different aspects of my lung functioning.  The RT was thought that I wasn’t doing as well on these tests as he thought I should… dude, welcome to my life.
  • The pair of woodpeckers that roost on my balcony have been more visible and more audible over the last couple of weeks.  I’m hoping for babies soon.  I’m a big fan of nature-focused mindfulness, and all my mental busyness shuts right down as I watch my woodpeckers do their thing.
  • Once in a blue moon (perhaps once a year) I forget to take my bedtime meds.  One of those blue moons happened this week and reminded me that I’m totally unable to sleep without them.
  • I’m dealing with ongoing gaslighting at my job where I do home visits to see patients.  They have this software system that predicts how much travel time these visits should take.  Except their should is based on magic carpet travel time, and is nowhere near reality.  But they act like I’m the crazy person.  Which I am, but they don’t know that.  So I’ve decided if they’re going to play psychological games, I’m going to play a numbers game.  This involves a spreadsheet, with all of the data backed up by screenshots from Google Maps.  Try to call me crazy now, bitches!
  • I’ve been noticing that my migraines tend to be triggered by driving.  I had one the other day, and so decided to google whether this is actually a thing or if it’s just me.  Apparently it’s a thing.  My theory (possibly half-baked) is that the lupus (that I haven’t been diagnosed with) is affecting my vestibular system in the inner ear (it could do that if I had it), and that’s causing the dizziness I’ve been having and sometimes triggering a migraine because of the motion.  There’s a lot of ifs in there, but it seems at least somewhat plausible.
  • I expanded to a new Vocal.Media platform this week with a post Drinking & Depressing on Proof.
  • And to conclude on kind of a random note, a pin keeps popping up in my Pinterest feed that’s about the scientific benefits of breathing.  Oddly enough, living doesn’t make the list…  I’d say for me that would be #1, but what do I know?


How has your week been?


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30 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Great post!! Ohh, woodpeckers are delightful creatures! I hope you’ll post photos of the babies if they come!

    Yeah, I have the same issue. Sleeping will not happen if I don’t take Ambien. I totally understand the anxiety about it!

    It really makes me mad that your employers are trying to cut corners (literally) with your travel pay! That really bites. Bad employers!

    I get stressed out by driving, too. With me, it’s because I have the wheel in a death grip and cannot relax to save myself. Major major tension. It’s markedly bad when I leave town.

    HA HA HA! The scientific benefits of breathing! Your joke was hilarious. It reminds me of this line from the Golden Girls when Rose asks Dorothy, “How would you feel if no one showed up for your funeral?” And she says, “It might just be me, but I think being dead would be the bigger disappointment.” 😀

  2. Dark wraparound sunglasses. You can get them cheaply at any drugstore, but I can’t drive without them or it’s a guaranteed migraine. Heck, at this point I can’t go out on a sunny day without them. But, driving is a special level of pain if I forget them. Hope that tip helps.

  3. I’m so sorry you had to endure the lung f unction test and had a migraine and a sleepless night due to forgetting your meds. That woodpecker seems lovely though.

  4. Yeah, that once in a blue moon moment sucks! I can agree with you there!
    I hope that when the woodpeckers have their babies, you’ll try to take a picture and post it. I too love nature at it’s finest.
    Last year, I had a nest in the gutter above my bedroom window. I still have no idea what kind of birds they were, but they sounded so beautiful to wake up to in the morning… I hope new ones move in. LOL!
    By the way, I love your idea about a spread sheet & Google Maps. You get em’ girlfriend!!! 😊
    I already wrote or ranted about my week. I seriously can’t wait to see my therapist this coming Tuesday!!!!

  5. Sorry for your breathing problems, hope that resolves itself very soon. Your migraines as you drive, have you had your exhaust system checked for leakage? Just a thought. The seepage is deadly in an enclosed garage. Its odorless btw. Best of luck to you.

  6. What happens next after the pulmonary testing?
    I’m sorry it’s getting so crappy at work. I used to travel to see clients too and we’d have similar issues with the expected ‘how long things should take’, both in terms of travel (always well over what they say, probably because I don’t speed & I liked to arrive early in case there’s traffic, plus I utterly hate being late) and the appointment itself. I think data and records are a good idea; forearmed is forewarned and prepared, or something like that.
    I think the whole motion/ear/migraine scenario holds potential. The question would be how do you remedy that though? Apart from taking to Skype instead of driving! xx

    1. Don’t know what will happen next after the pulmonary testing. I’ll see what my doctor has to say.
      Work has already dismissed the data I presented to them. It kind of feels like being gaslighted – that they’re telling me my reality doesn’t exist.
      And it’s weird, most of the time driving is ok. But if I have a mild headache beforehand, that’s when things seem to get dicey.
      Our bodies are such strange creatures, aren’t they?!

      1. Only other thing they can do is stick a tracker on the vehicle and a body cam to your head to prove the time taken for these things!
        I guess the mild headache is predisposing you to tipping the scales towards migraine with the motion.
        Strange creatures indeed. Amazing, but bloody annoying some (most) of the time! x

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