Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I began what I thought was going to be a small job doing some minor grout repair in my shower.  Except when I took a closer look I discovered the problem is much bigger than I thought.  I don’t have the energy to do it all in one go, so it’ll be spread out over a while.  The downside of being single is that I don’t have a significant other who might at least pretend to be interested in this kind of thing.
  • I filed my taxes.  My income was low enough and I had enough deductions that I’ll get back pretty much all of the income tax that was deducted from my paycheques, so that’s nice.
  • My little man guinea pig is a real cookie monster.  He was struggling, but now he’s managing much better with his high treat diet.
  • A saw a client this week to do her monthly Abilify injection.  I’d taken propranolol beforehand to try to keep my tremor under control, but I got out of breath walking from my car to her building so I used my salbutamol puffer, which ended up making my tremor worse.  I was trying to screw a needle onto a syringe and dropped the needle; it was capped, so no stabbing myself, but still not the best impression to be giving.  Afterwards I felt exhausted and physically quite gross, and crawled straight into bed when I got home.
  • I’m feeling quite a bit better, but vestiges of the pneumonia continue to linger, so I’m still in antibiotics.  I’ve getting pulmonary function testing done this coming week, so we’ll see if that sheds any light on anything.
  • Invisible Illness published my article Adventures in Stigma in the ER, a revamp of a blog post I did a few weeks ago.  It seems to be getting a pretty good response on Medium, so hopefully I’ll make a bit of money off of it.
  • I decided to try out Instagram, and I felt like an idiot because I couldn’t figure out how to post pictures.  I turned to Google and learned that you can only post from the app and not the website unless you use some sort of workaround.  Seriously?  That was the end of my relationship with Instagram.

How has your week been?

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14 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Yay for the cookie monster!! What a wonderful guinea!!

    I too don’t understand Instagram or any other social media except for Facebook. They make no sense!

    I went to a fish fry, but I didn’t win a cake! There’s always next week!!

      1. Oh my!! Do you live near any Catholic churches? They hold them during the season of Lent. Yesterday’s was the first! You can go get seafood and play the cake wheel!!

  2. I just laugh and laugh at the idea of a significant other who is interested in, or capable of, home repairs. My experience is of man-babies who whine at having to walk 20 ft down the corridor to the main bathroom because their wife is renovating the ensuite, or ask their wife’s psychiatrist when she’ll be better because the kitchen renovations are unfinished. Girlpower FTW. I’m hoping your shower is just more extensive grout work than you’d realised, and not loose tiles?

    1. Not loose tiles, just more grout work and replacing caulking that should have been grout in the first place.
      Thinking of the two live-in boyfriends I’ve had before, I would’ve been the one doing the grouting anyway. I probably need more of a fixer-upper fairy-god-sister.

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  4. I don’t envy the grouting job but I do think that doing it in bits and pieces is a better way to manage it with limited energy. I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with such tremors & still recovering from the pneumonia; good luck with the pulmonary testing and I hope it goes as well as possible to see if you can learn anything from it. Congrats on having your article published, I’ll take a look at it now – I do hope you can earn a little from it, that’d be great! And yes, I discovered the same thing with Insta. That really put me off at first because I keep photos on my laptop and like doing things from here, rather than my phone. Still frustrates me, but I persevere and post every now and then for my blog. Wish you could do it via a browser though, seems stupid to not be able to!
    Caz xx

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