Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • After a week of antibiotics the pneumonia had improved but not resolved, so my doctor extended the antibiotics for another week at double the dose, and I’m finally starting to feel alive again (or at least mostly).
  • I worked two night shifts this week, which was tolerable because there was very little I had to do.
  • My concentration remains lousy.
  • I’ve had the odd grey hair every so often for the last few years.  This week I noticed multiple greys having a party on the top of my head.  I swear, the depression is seriously aging me.
  • I had been having some communication issues with a good friend of mine, but that seems to have resolved, which is nice.
  • My guinea pig boy, who has lived longer than any other guinea pig I’ve had before, seems to be fading.  I’ve started spoiling him with lots of treats, because he still gets excited about those.  I figure if my time was just about up I’d want to eat ice cream all the time, so why shouldn’t my boy have his cookies.
  • I got an email from my former best friend.  I thought about it for a bit, then decided to delete it without reading it.  I’m not sure what prompted her to contact me for the first time in over a year, but it’s done, I’m done, and reading the email would accomplish nothing but stir up bitterness.
  • A huge thank you to everyone who has picked up a copy of my book Psych Meds Made Simple.  I really appreciate it! 💖  If you haven’t had a look yet, you can find it on Amazon as an ebook or paperback.

On the Best Life Collaborative site this week, we had :


How has your week been?

20 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Oh my goodness–I’ve done the same thing–deleted emails unread. There’s like a fear, you know, that reading it will be painful somehow!! And I had the same issue with antibiotics when I had pneumonia a few years ago! The initial prescription wasn’t strong enough!! And my hair seems to be turning gray too!! I think we must be at …. [gasp]… that age! NOOOOO!!! NOOOOO!!! NOOOOO!!!

    I’m so sorry your guinea pig is unwell. 🙁 Please give him a nice pat from me and an extra treat!! He’s a wonderful guinea!!

  2. Glad you are feeling physically better; this has been a nasty year for illness. My concentration is also awful; I’m wondering if there’s any way past that. Lucky guinea pig you have, getting all that attention from you. I hope he starts feeling a little more energized soon.

  3. You just gave me the push I needed. I am with you on this neverending roller coaster with extended antibiotics. Forget about those gray hairs, they just mean wisdom. I got the book, and I am telling everyone to check it out. Your a rock star!🤗

  4. Sorry the boy isn’t feeling well. Great idea to spoil him. I fed my last dog pancakes the morning we had to put her down 😢 I can relate with that email situation. Good for you for putting yourself first!

    1. Also, my week has been great! Accepted a new PT job, am taking my licensure test Tuesday, and if all goes well, I’ll be starting my business April 1st!

  5. Jees I’m so sorry you’ve been doing with all of that, I’m glad the pneumonia (yikes!) has improved with antibiotics. I’m not surprised your concentration has been shot, so I’m impressed you’ve still be blogging and working your night shifts. Sending hugs and hoping you continue to pick up this week xxxxx

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