My 7 Favourite Things: 80’s-themed

Thanks to Emilia at My Inner Mishmash for tagging me for my 7 favourite things.  You can find the rules on her post.  I’m going to put a bit of a spin on it and do my 7 favourite apparel items from the 80s.

New Kids on the Block t-shirt


1) New Kids on the Block t-shirt: I had almost the same one – the NKOTB sign is the same, but there was a different pattern of footprints around it.  I wish I had kept that shirt.  And in case you were wondering, I was a Jordan Knight kind of gal.



neon bike shorts



2. Now we have the first of three options I’ll give for the lower half – the bike shorts with the neon stripes down the sides.  Pink all the way baby.


acid washed jeans


3. Acid-washed jeans.  There are really no words to capture the ugliness now but total coolness then.








black stirrup pants


4. Stirrup pants – I’m really not sure why these aren’t a thing anymore.







white slouch socks


5. Stirrup pants would inevitably be combined with slouch socks.  I had some in white and some in neon colours.  Acid-wash jeans also required slouch socks.




aqua blue Converse sneakers


6. The slouch socks would inevitably be combined with Converse sneakers.  Mine were aqua blue and they were fabulous.






jelly shoes


7. To round things out, we’ve got jelly shoes.  Not necessarily all that comfortable, but hey, they looked cool.




Well there you have it, people.  My 1980s capsule wardrobe.  Thanks again to Emilia for the tag.  Feel free to join in, 80s-themed or otherwise!

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