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Happy un-Valentine’s day

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For those of us who are single, whether we want to be or not, Valentine’s day can feel like it’s created for the express purpose of making single people feel shitty about themselves.

Saint Valentine is a Catholic saint who is also recognized in the Anglican and Lutheran churches.  His history isn’t entirely clear, but he is said to have restored a young woman’s sight, and was later executed for trying to convert the Roman emperor Claudius to Christianity.  Sometime in the Middle Ages St. Valentine’s Day (February 14) became associated with love, although there are conflicting stories as to how this came about.

So, one ancient white dude had another ancient white dude killed, and now single people are made to feel crappy and coupled people are spending a shit-ton of money on flowers and chocolates and what have you in celebration.

Yeah, no thank you.  Instead, happy un-Valentine’s day to all the other single people out there, and tomorrow we can go to the store and buy all the leftover chocolate at half price.  Now that’s something worth celebrating.

28 thoughts on “Happy un-Valentine’s day”

  1. Oh yes, yum yum and any nice little novelty things, or moisturiser are bargins in the past I have bought. Perfect for our self love, or self care moments.

  2. Haha I’m with you! I don’t feel bad at all about being single. I am single because I refuse to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t fit me, my life and my plans for the future (which you might be learning are growing! 😂).

  3. Yeah. When we were kids, my brother and I used to give each other Valentines for fun that read, “Happy St. Valentine’s Day Massacre!” (Because apparently that’s a real thing.) And we’d laugh and laugh.

    I’m single and loving it! (Snort. We’ll see how long the “loving it” part lasts.) But I think my dad got me chocolates, so that’s something. 😀

  4. It can be for some (making single people feel shitty about themselves) but for others it’s just another commercial day especially when you’re at peace with yourself, single or not, when you are true to yourself and honest, you just don’t care…I mean what bother me is not Valentine’s day specifically, it’s the hypocrisy and lies that people practice on daily basis and it becomes RED on Valentin’es day 🙂 I rather be single and true to myself than in relationship full of hypocrisy…I don’t mean that true love and loyal people don’t exist, they do but these people practice love and loyalty on daily basis, they don’t need a day that was originally related to a saint and has nothing to do with romantic love…
    PS: when you get that chocolate, keep us in mind hahaha

  5. You know, I’d forgotten that tomorrow chocolate is on half price!! Well now that’s the best present going. I totally agree with all your thoughts here by the way, save the one about feeling shitty because I’m single. Oh no. I’m relieved if you want to know because the relationship ‘years’ were the shitty ones because the men I was involved with never remembered it was Valentine’s Day and would come up with the dumbest, most lame ass excuses why they forgot. No, today I celebrate my solo state! I never (much) disappoint ME…

  6. I like Valentine’s Day because I see it as a day for love of all types, even if that’s not how it originated and not how some people see it. I’m mailing valentines to some friends who are studying abroad, and I plan to make more valentines for my family and some other friends (I’m a bit late but I’m okay with that). And I get to tell people how much I love them. Last year I was sad on Valentine’s Day, but this year it’s making me very happy and full of love. 🙂 <3

  7. Hah, damn right! I’m more than a little peeved though… went to the supermarket yesterday and there was NO left-over Valentine’s junk, meaning no cheap chocolate. I could have cried. I was there at 6am too (couldn’t sleep). Booooo.x

  8. Bahahaha.. I am just catching up and isn’t it funny what the rumor mill creates?! I renamed this “holiday” about 15 years ago to Vagina Day and each year I celebrate having one. 😂

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