I Hope You Will Join Me!

Check out this great idea that Dee has!

Thriving Not Surviving

I have an idea.  And the more I think about this idea, the more excited I get.  I hope you will feel the same because I want you to join me!

For at least 15 years, maybe more, I’ve had this dream of creating my future.  I was taught growing up that the “right” way to be successful was to go to college (which I paid for myself) and then get a “good” job.  I have followed this path all my life.  I have to say that although I don’t like my current job, and I find it infinitely frustrating at times, it is by anyone’s standards a “good” job.  It’s better than good.  It pays well.  The benefits are great (not just hard benefits like health insurance and retirement, but also soft ones like working from home and lots of paid vacation).  It’s also flexible and has allowed me…

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