Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • The difficulty breathing that started last week has just gotten worse. Since further testing wasn’t going to be available any time soon in the community, my doctor decided to send me in to emergency. The waiting room was horrible – way over-stimulating.  Unfortunately, it only got worse from there.  The ER doc had clearly decided by the time he met with me that he wasn’t going to take me seriously.  He barely listened to a word I said.  He kept asking what the point was of my doctor sending me in.  He thought I had asthma, which is total BS.  I ended up walking out in tears after meeting with him.  It was only afterwards that it clicked that he had asked if I was taking all my medications regularly (I’d told the triage nurse about all the psych meds I take).  Suddenly it made sense.  He had seen my long list of psych meds and made his decision based on that.  He was probably a jackass in general, but anti-mental illness stigma kicked up the jackass factor a few notches.
  • This week has been a bit of a write-off since I haven’t been feeling well.  I’ve spend an inordinate amount of time aimlessly clicking back and forth among the various tabs and windows I have open on my computer, which would be fine except it’s not the least bit relaxing.
  • I has a post I’d previously published on my blog about the difference between trauma and PTSD accepted by The Mighty.  It was almost 2 months ago that I had submitted it and I had pretty much given up hope.
  • I found some very good cookies and hot chocolate mix at a grocery store I don’t usually shop at, so  that’s been my indulgence for the week.

How has your week been?

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! Sorry to hear about the doctor, that’s always frustrating. I’ve experienced it as well, that’s why I avoid going to the doctor unless I’m like half dead haha
    I don’t understand people who get into the career of helping others and then treat people like crap, it’s ridiculous

  2. OMG! I want to seriously beat up the ER doctor, and you know I’m usually anti-violence. DAMN, he wants a piece of Meg pie. Sorry that happened to you! 🙁

  3. Ay ay ay – it is upsetting to hear of bad experiences with doctors. I worked in healthcare for a long time (which I think you have also) and worked with some amazing doctors and other medical professionals.

    But on one occasion my sister took me to A&E because I had not been been well for about a week, I could not keep anything down, not even water. I had showered and dressed and we went to hospital and waited for hours to be seen. I had some bloods taken and I think possibly a urine sample (can’t remember that clearly) and waited and waited. When I saw a doctor he said the tests that had come back were all fine. He suggested my problem was psychological and he said I can eat if I really wanted to. He made me eat a sandwich in front of him and then told me perhaps I should join a gym or a singing group or some other hobby that would help me feel better. My sister and I went home. She said maybe he was right. I became quite tearful and said I really don’t think this sickness is psychological, it feels too pronounced. I threw up as soon as I was home. Several hours later (my sister and her husband had gone out for the evening) I was in bed feeling really rough and the phone started ringing. I did not feel like answering it at first. But I did and was so glad, it was the hospital. The rest of my test had come back and they told me to get to the hospital urgently. I was in hospital for almost two weeks. We were so annoyed with the A&E doctor who had fobbed me off.

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  5. Here’s my bad doctor story: I went to the dentist, a new dentist who I hadn’t seen before. I had my hand in a brace because my sister had assaulted me by throwing me into a wall. She lifted me by my forearm, which is how my wrist snapped. (It was the other side of my body that hit the wall.) I hadn’t been treated medically for the injuries yet when I went to the dentist, so I had the thing on my hand from the drugstore, thinking it might help, but it didn’t. (I should’ve gotten a wrist brace, not a hand brace. But anyway.)

    The dentist took one look at my medications list and one look at my hand, and then she started acting really unprofessional. She kept asking what had happened to my hand. I told her it was injured. She couldn’t seem to accept that answer, for whatever reason. At the time, I hadn’t put two and two together. It wasn’t until later I realized she figured I’d been cutting my wrists. So then she made yet another vague reference to my hand, so I said, “My sister threw me into a wall, okay?”

    And that actually made her HAPPY, as if it’s so much better that I was a victim of assault and battery by a family member than if I’d been cutting myself. She sighed with relief and finally kept cleaning my teeth. Geez Louise.

    Anyway, Ashley, you hang in there. We’re all thinking of you! 🙂

  6. I’m sorry that you’re dealing with this difficulty breathing stuff, and then the unhelpful and rude doctor on top of that. 🙁 ugh. I hope you feel better and get better care soon 🤞💕

  7. Don’t give up on finding a doctor that will take you seriously. It’s really disheartening to read how you were treated by someone who is supposed to help.
    Sending you positive vibes 💛

  8. Hope you’re feeling better soon, cookies and hot chocolate sound like great medicine!

    I know exactly how that mindless clicking back and forth works. It sucks. Great news on The Mighty publication that’s awesome, I have outstanding submissions that date back to August, but apparently they’ll let us know in March.

    And yes, the guy’s a jackass.
    Take it easy x

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