Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I felt totally overwhelmed putting together a claim for partial reimbursement for some health expenses.  It was nothing difficult, I just don’t do well these days working with multiple pieces of information at a time.  It got me thinking about tax time coming up, and that will certainly be a test of my concentration.
  • I saw one of my repeat patients at work for his regular injection.  I enjoy him so much that he’s the only person I allow to get away with calling me Mrs. Peterson.  Normally I would say my mom is Mrs. Peterson, not me.
  • I went to see my optometrist to get her opinion on one of the potential autoimmune disorders I might have, Sjögren’s syndrome.  The classic symptoms are dry eyes and dry mouth, both of which I have, so I thought it would be good to get her input, and all looks good on the eyes front.
  • I’ve been quite short of breath, so had some more tests done.  I don’t have all the results yet, but what I do have is somewhat concerning.  I’ll know more in a couple days when I get the results from my chest X-ray.
  • I heard from the site Uncomfortable Revolution and they’re going to be publishing a piece I submitted.  Their site is all about embracing the weird, awkward, and uncomfortable side of chronic illness.


How has your week been?



21 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. It’s a wise decision on your part to have all these test done. ie…your eyes and such. The more you are able to rule out the easier it is to determine what you do in fact have.
    I’ve already booked next month with appointments for further back examinations and what to do, plus to have the gel shots injected in to my knees again. So far, I’m looking at a pretty expensive monnth of co-payments to dish out, but all of this are thing that were put on hold over the past year.
    Congratulations on gettig published with the Uncomfortable Revolution. You’re really taking your blog to so many new and exciting places. I applaud all that you have accomplished!!!

  2. I’m so sorry you’re unwell!! 🙁 Im’ glad you’re being so proactive to figure out what’s wrong!! I hope everything is okay!! Keep us posted!!

  3. I hope that your eyes and breathing will get well soon. And well done for your publication! Do take good care of yourself ya <3 it's good to see that you are taking initiative to have some self care. Keep researching. With God's grace, you will certainly get better. Lots of love and hugs. It is very kind of you to care for others even though you are not feeling well. <3

  4. Being overwhelmed is the thing I struggle with most, combined with anything that involves organisation or decision making and my head explodes!

  5. I had spirometry testing for my breathing (problems started after all my chest infections the other year), doc said possible asthma or lung inflammation but they weren’t sure which, so I’ve been on inhalers since. I had a chest x-ray done, but it went missing.. :/ HOW?! I hope you get some answers and they can figure out how to help you. And congrats about the submission for Uncomfortable Revolution, that’s fab! Let us know when it goes live 🙂
    Caz xx

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