Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I announced the upcoming release of my first book, Psych Meds Made Simple.  I was thrilled by all the supportive comments I got.
  • I saw a couple of clients for my job that involves both administering injections and doing self-injection training.  They went ok, although for one of them I had forgotten to take propranolol beforehand and my tremor was pretty bad.  I’m reminded, though, that I used to be able to work full-time no problem, and now even working a few hours in a week feels like a lot.
  • I got my final draft in for a book project I’ve been lucky enough to get involved with.  It’s called The Silent Scream, which is being put together by the fabulous Maria Alfieri.  I heard about it recently from Karen at Blue Sky Days 365, who’s also involved, in time to be a fairly last-minute inclusion.
  • Physically I haven’t been feeling that great.  My doctor isn’t sure what’s going on, but wonders if it’s a persistent infection that’s flaring up.  I went to the lab yesterday to get some bloodwork done, and aside from a couple of non-specific markers indicative of inflammation, there was nothing remarkable in the results (I love that I’m able to access my results online as soon as they’re available).  My doctor also gave me some samples of Ritalin to see if that works any better than Dexedrine to get me thinking more clearly.  It’s only been a couple days, but so far I feel like Ritalin is less effective.  These last 2 days I forgot to do gratitude entries in my journal, which is very unusual for me.
  • I continue to struggle with my relationship with the one in-person friend that I have.  It’s getting tiring; it just feels like so much work.


How has your week been?

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  1. Wow, you’ve really been productive! That’s great!! I’m super-excited to buy a copy of your upcoming psych-meds book!!

    I’m glad your doctor is on top of trying to figure out what’s wrong!! Keep us posted!!

    How’re the guinea piggies doing?

  2. Again, congrats on the new book! That is a major accomplishment, and I am so very proud of you!
    I’ll most likely being writing about this past week come Sunday. It’s been a busy day, and I’m playing catch up with some reading here.
    Hope you feel better real soon, Ashley. 💓

  3. My week has been stressful with work but time alone on days off with no plans has allowed me to look in to what other goals I want for the year out side of my day to day job. I’d love to write a book! Been writing on & off with my ideas for just over a year. I wouldn’t know how to go about it! Advice? X

    1. I say go for it! For me self-publishing felt a lot safer than trying to find an agent/publisher. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing site has a lot of resources that will help you learn about the practicalities of self-publishing. There’s a lot to learn about but none of it is all that complicated.

  4. I am excited for you with your book! When I was a child I told my parents I was gonna be an author. I worked on a fantasy story for two years. I’m seeing it with new eyes now as an adult and I think it’s now providing a lot of insight of how I processed trauma as a child. I might rewrite that story now while I’m in therapy and see if it goes anywhere. It’s amazing how truly intricate our brains are!

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