An announcement!

I’ve decided to jump on the book-writing bandwagon!  I’ve been really inspired by my blogging friends who’ve written books, and thought it would make a good challenge to set for myself.  I actually started writing a couple months ago, but hadn’t really decided whether I was going to move forward with it or not.

Well, now I’ve decided.  Not that I had any sort of earth-shaking epiphany; I just realized it was time to make up my mind.  I had two different books that were both mostly finished from a writing perspective, so the timing seemed right.

Before doing an announcement about it I wanted to figure out what was actually involved in self-publishing a book.  Wow, there’s a lot to learn!  I’ve decided to publish through Amazon exclusively, mostly because it seems easiest, and even that feels like a lot to try and get sorted out in my head.

psych meds made simpleSo, what exactly am I writing about?

My first book is Psych Meds Made Simple: How & Why They Do What They Do.  I’m launching it on Amazon on February 4.  You can find out more on my blog page Psych Meds Made Simple.

My second book will be available sometime in the fall, and its title is Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis.

So far the memoir bug hasn’t bit me, but that might be a project for down the road.


Have you self-published before?  Are there any tips/tricks you’ve learned?


Oh, and previous self-publishers may appreciate this.  Canada actually lets you get your own ISBNs for free under your own publishing imprint.  Mental Health @ Home Books is born!


45 thoughts on “An announcement!

  1. kbr0632 says:

    Congratulations! I started writing a memoir. Maybe I can share with you and you can tell me what you think. You are so smart. I don’t know the first thing about self publishing. I actually started two books (one is a memoir..the other is “inspirational chats,” for people going through tough times with anxiety and depression. Haven’t finished either. Not sure when I will pick up again. I am trying to finish them. Any thoughts on your end?

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