Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I don’t like Facebook.  Since I started blogging I’ve opened and then deleted a Facebook account a couple of times.  I decided to give it another go this past week, until I saw that Facebook was creepily accurate in suggesting people I might know.  This was despite the fact that I used my blog-related email address rather than my normal personal email. My guess is that it’s because Facebook now forces you to give a phone number when opening an account, and they must know that number is associated with the account I had years ago.  I don’t want these people I knew in the past seeing me any more than I want to be seeing them, so that’s it, Facebook and I are permanently broken up.
  • I worked 3 night shifts this week.  I felt rather dazed and confused, but at least working at night that’s not too much of a problem.  I saw an email sent by a colleague criticizing how I handled a situation with a client a few months back.  I was aware she had sent this email, because she’d sent it to the whole team in response to an email I’d sent to the whole team, but it was the first time I actually read it.  It was extremely condescending and just as extremely full of shit.  I was tempted to respond and stand up for myself, but sadly I have learned that in this particular workplace speaking up accomplishes nothing but create problems and keeping my mouth shut is the best way to go.
  • I’ve been having weird vibrating sensations this week.  It was happening a lot a couple of months ago, and then it had stopped.  I’m sometimes noticing sounds that seem out of place.  This was happening mostly on days I was working, and it seems to be triggered by feeling overstimulated.  I had meant to go see my doctor this week, but work kind of got in the way, so I’ll see him next week.
  • I had a massage, one of my favourite self-care activities.  My massage therapist has booked me in for every Thursday morning for the rest of the year.  Sweet!


My writing off the blog this week:


How has your week been?

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  1. I love facebook now, but I’ve had a lot of starts and stops with it too over the years. It does seem creepy that they know who you might know. I don’t know why Zuckerberg thinks it’s a good thing to creep people out like that, but it’s scary and invasive that all that info about us is gathering out there. And what are they trying to accomplish, showing off all their data? Or are they trying to scare us to death? Do they expect mindless people to be like, “Oh, good, they’ve found my friends for me, so now I don’t have to search for them! How helpful.” [Eyeroll.]

    Damn your mean coworker. It was brave of you to read that email, but Meg wants to give that person a piece of her mind. Ohhhh, I hate the workplace! It’s good you’re able to handle it, and at nights, no less, which are killer to work.

    I’m glad you enjoy massages! And that you’ve gotten some work shifts and have been writing some more great articles!

    My week has been sort of lame but not horrid. As of today, I’m forcing myself to write 1,000 words per day of my novel until whenever it gets done. It has helped kick me into gear, and I’ve written around 700 words so far! That’s progress!! I’ve gotten a lot done toward my eBay sales as well!

    1. I think Facebook’s goal with everything they do is money.

      The coworker is not someone I’ve actually met in person, so I know her partly from what I’ve heard from others, but mostly through her emails to the team. For whatever reason she thinks she’s special, and it would seem that management is on her side. Messed up.

      Yay for writing progress!

  2. Ohh yes Facebook is creepy! I also had multiple trials with it which of course all ended up with me deleting the accounts, though the last time I tried I had a similar situation to you, used a completely different email address, and then got completely creeped out and astonished seeing that all the people I “might know” I actually know in fact and am not particularly keen on the idea of getting back in touch with them. 😱 So I got out of there as soon as I only could. 😀 I always thought it could be the IP address of the device you’re using that they recognise, but phone number makes more sense.
    I’m sorry about your coworker behaving like that, and that you can’t even stand up for yourself, that’s a shame really! A very distressing thing for sure, but I hope you won’t have any further problems because of her.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying massages, I think it’s a really good way of caring for yourself. 🙂

  3. I left FB too, but for the opposite reason. I didn’t mind so much people finding me, but I spent hours FB-stalking people and making myself depressed about how much better everyone else was doing than I was. In the end I left. Currently in the process of leaving Twitter too. It seems I don’t get on with social media other than straightforward blogging.

  4. What you said about fb! It’s so true and creepy. Like I have blocked a certain person from a number of my social media accounts and yet can still see them through dodgy websites noone has ever heard of! Busted, they used the website to get into my blog so I now know.
    I love social media but hate it all at the same time! X

  5. I have also deleted FB, for various reasons, and yes it is creepy. I’ve kept LinkedIn though, just in case. At least it isn’t intrusive and chatty.

    My week was pretty good! 😀

  6. Sounds like a decent week, though the vibration thing is a bit odd. Do you mean bodily, in any certain area? I wonder if that’s work and stress, maybe? I find the whole Facebook thing a bit off-putting too, I’ve noticed elsewhere as well, maybe Instagram I think, where I’ve been suggested people I may know when I’ve set it up as my blog rather than a person thing. Big Brother sees all!!
    Have a relaxing weekend xx

  7. Facebook is a total creeper, if I buy something or even look at something on some other site I start getting ads related to it. I swear one day I went shopping (not online, in person) and next time I got online there was an advertisement for something really similar or the same (can’t remember exactly) to what I had just bought. Probably just a weird coincidence but yeah they creep on people a lot lol Another is recommendations for groups to join that may be related to something I looked at on some other site.

    Hope you enjoy your massages! I’ve never had one but I bet they’re relaxing

  8. OMGoodness! I made a FB commitment in 2018 which I was so glad to finish on 12/31…but wow, they really make it hard for a person to quit them. I feel like the many hours I have wasted on FB will finally be used for something wonderful like getting my writing seriously done. Thanks for the input, hang in there with everything as you are!

  9. I vaughly remeber you saying you were expierencing vibrations. That’s odd but there are some things that I expierence when I get overwhelmed. I used to hear a hum but that hasn’t happened in a while. As far as Facebook, eff that noise! I was off most of last year but got back on for the purposes of promoting NYAC, only to quickly realize it does not add any value to my life. None. Zilch. Notta. … I can say with strong conviction that I will not get back on that platform. It serves me none whatsoever! It’s funny because I never had a bad relationship with Facebook but once I started blogging I realized that the things I subject myself too most definietly influenece the way I operate and Facebook offers no realistic insight. I used it for connection with my extended family and a few friends but the way I see it, they can call me and I’ll send them a pic if they want one. 🙂 I hate you have to remain silent instead of being able to defend yourself but it is the same with me and my job. Anytime I say something someone’s feelings get hurt and I get repremanded. The truth is an elusive critter that many fear.

    1. That’s a great point about Facebook not adding value to your life. It’s easy to get sucked into the idea that we “should” be on certain platforms to support a blog, promote a personal brand, etc., but if there’s no actual value to us then we shouldn’t do it.

  10. I got off Facebook because of similar problems in not being able to escape particular people, groups, or interests. Other people used to think I was kind of a conspiracy theorist but most of what I was saying has been proven true by journalists researching the issue – the amount of data linkage within all of your online information and behaviour is scarily huge, and any time you are logged in to Facebook while browsing other sites online (especially if you use the “log in with FB” option because you can’t be bothered doing a full login) it will be taking note of what you look at and what you buy, and also noting not just your actions but all the times you are mentioned in other people’s posts or tagged in other people’s pictures. There was an article in my local news site recently about this, highlighting the case of a woman who was really upset because FB kept suggesting baby products to her when she’d just had a stillbirth.

    1. It’s quite frightening when you stop to think about it. I’m sure other sites collect a ton of data as well, but Facebook seems to take it to a whole new level.

  11. I have Facebook but I prefer much this blog and Instagram. I feel more safe here to express myself until I got a hate comment a few days ago on my blog. I deleted it and never appeared on my blog. I hope you feel better soon 😘 I would already cry if that would happen to me while working because I’m so sensitive. It’s good the way you handled it.

  12. It’s great that you’ve got massages booked in for the whole year.
    Ignore the opinionated co-workers.
    The weird vibrating sounds like it may be an inner ear thing. I have something where I’m in bed and it feels like the bed is shaking (no smutty comments!) every time my husband says there’s nothing moving. I also get this thing where certain noises make me feel dizzy. The inner ear is my main suspect.
    Hope the week ahead is good for you xx

    oh and Facebook really isn’t necessary to life!

  13. I found that living without FB is best. For some odd reason, it triggered me into feeling worse about myself. I still have the account, but never post anything on it. LOL!
    Boy oh boy, could I could go for one of those massages you do. So jealous.

  14. My week has been pretty stressful. I found some answers about my childhood abuser – hes a covert narcissist and I had no idea that there was a name for it. He also has aspergers which he hides behind because people let him get away with anything after they know that. It’s an odd situation. I just wanna stop having nightmares

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