2018 year in review: Guinea pigs

My guinea pigs are among the best parts of my life.  Here is their year in pictures.

This little octopus hideaway is made for ferrets, but it’s also great for guinea pigs.

I adopted these boys almost two years ago.  They were geriatric and in need of a retirement home.  Zippy (the darker coloured one) passed away earlier this year, but his best friend Squeaky is still going strong.  Squeaky is kind of a grumpy old man, so I haven’t gotten him a new friend, but he can hear the girls in the next room, so he knows he’s not the only guinea pig in the world.

Casper, the off-white one, was the most recent addition to the family.  I adopted her a little over a year ago.  She’s got thick luscious hair that will stand up nice and tall if I brush it that way.  The girls know their food comes through the door of the cage, and they know that if they stick their heads out and look cute it can increase their chance of getting treats.

guinea pigs visiting grandma's house

I took the guinea pigs with me on a couple of trips to Grandma’s house this year.  The cages are kind of large and unwieldy, so I improvised with their little travel boxes.

The guinea pigs would like to wish all of you a very happy new year!

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    1. How did I miss this post?
      I was looking up guinea pigs in the WordPress reader and this post was at the top of the search list. I can’t believe I missed this one, as you know I like to read about them.

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