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2018 year in review: Blogging

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This has been my first full year of blogging (I started in October 2017) and it’s been quite the adventure.  It’s become a huge part of my life, and it’s been my primary source of connection to other people.  It makes me wonder why on earth it took so long for me to clue in that blogging was something I should try.  It’s interesting to watch the ebb and flow of people coming and going in the blogging world.  Some bloggers who were very active early in the year have faded away, while others have continued to grow and amazing new bloggers are joining our community all the time.

It seems like a good time to reflect on some of my stats for the year.  Not the likes and follower numbers and that kind of thing that can get stressful, but the quirky insights that WordPress can give you.

International reach

My blog has been viewed in some interesting areas, including Iraq, Mongolia, Sierra Leone, and Angola.  There was also one view from Kyrgyzstan, which was likely by my future husband and/or his yak.  I guess they get internet signal in the yurt, which means that even when I decide to run away from the world I’ll be able to keep blogging.

Number of posts

This year I’ve done 412 posts, for a total of over 200,000 words.  That brings my total number of posts to 455.  I decided in the spring that I wanted to post daily, and with the odd exception I’ve been able to stick to that.  Not that I actually write every day; the scheduling feature on WordPress is my best friend.  I always have multiple drafts on the go.  I mark some of them with notes in all caps at the beginning of the title to help keep me organized, but a few times I’ve forgotten to remove them and came very close to accidentally publishing “TEMPLATE: Weekend wrap-up”.

How people got to my blog

Most came from WordPress.  Pinterest was #2 and search engines were #3.  And that’s where things got interesting.  #4 was the website  I’ve never heard of this site before, and when I take a look at the specific pages WordPress lists I don’t actually see links to my site on any of them.  I’m puzzled, but not sure how to solve the mystery.

Some interesting search terms that led people onto my blog:

  • “documentary about fsu student on psychotroic meds that goes on a killing spree”
  • “when ight or flight is suicide for the victim”
  • “you always remember where you begins”
  • mountain climbing
  • “”i met” “sex””

Gotta enjoy the typos, but it’s also a bit creepy that what we enter into search engines is so public.

What people look at on my blog

My home page has had the most views overall.  The post with the most views is Identifying emotions.  It’s had 100 more views than the next most popular post, and 300 more then the third most popular post.  I have no idea how it got to be so popular.

Branching out

I feel very comfortable on my blog, but I’ve tried to extend myself beyond that comfort zone.  I’ve done guest posts on some other bloggers’ sites, and I’ve had stories on mental health sites like Time to Change.  I’ve discovered that the sites Medium and Psyche pay (albeit a very small amount) based on number of views of your post.  Even if I get a few cents that’s pretty cool.

How has your blogging year been?  And what’s the most obscure country that’s viewed your blog?

43 thoughts on “2018 year in review: Blogging”

  1. Very cool! Would you believe I still can’t figure out how to post to Pinterest?! So annoying! I had my best blogging year yet, and hope to keep it up in the New Year. ❤️😍

  2. Kry..stan that has been my most uncommon country as well. My blogging year has been quite the learning experience. From going premium to combining blogs to restructuring and figuring out its ok to not fully know what you are doing. I too question what took me so long to catch on to blogging but am grateful I have. My engagement isn’t what it was but I am planning to be more proactive on others blogs in the coming year. Your year sounds productive.

  3. This is my first year too … interesting to say the least and thoroughly enjoyable. Had I not blogged, I would never be writing a book. It’s been so lovely to meet you. Here’s to a great 2019! Katie

  4. This is awesome, and I hadn’t realised you could find the search terms through which people find your blog. “There was also one view from Kyrgyzstan, which was likely by my future husband and/or his yak” – that made me chuckle, seems this blogging malarky can lead to all sorts of things!
    Happy New Year lovely, and here’s to more happy (and stressful) blogging. Caz xx

  5. Yay for happy blogging!! Yes, I’ve come to enjoy starting the day with your blog posts! They’re informative, interesting, and psychologically oriented. You’ve helped to explain and define the depression experience, and I’m glad to learn of it!

    Happy New Year!! YAY!! 2019 will be just divine, I absolutely guarantee it. 😉

  6. Wow, you’ve had such a successful blogging year! I started my current blog in the summer of this year, but it’s really a restart of a blog (on a domain) I kept in 2011, so I still see my best day re visits so far was then. By the way, where can you see how many words in posts you’ve published in a year? I think resolving to post everyday can be so good. I will probably do that in 2019 too. Happy new year!

    1. Happy new year to you too!
      To get the word count you click on the “insights” heading in your stats. Then there’s a box for “annual site stats”, and if you click on that it will give you your word counts for each year.

  7. …i’ve been guided to blogging for the last few years but fought it because i didn’t consider my self a writer but i’m discovering that following spirit isn’t always about what i consider myself to be but what God already know i am…so i continue becoming…writing this year beginning today. i teased my self last year and wrote my first. blog on wordpress, it felt great expressing. here’s to fear and doubt facing…‼️👍🏾😌

  8. I have only been blogging for about a year also! I am so NOT savvy at all connecting the way I need to to grow my blog! I need help! I actually need someone to walk me through it. Lol 😂

  9. I’m sure my blogging year would have been a lot stronger if I hadn’t fallen off the blogosphere for close to 4 months. I’ve noticed several changes have occurred since I haven’t been on, so I have to acclimate all over again. I have to be honest… I’ve always been amazed at all the different countries that have followed me. Looking forward to being back and reaching out all over again. I had no idea how much I missed I missed being here until I came back.

  10. I love my blog. I also love looking at stats! I cant think now which obscure country viewed my blog, but there have been qute a few! the USA was the country that viewed my blog most though. followed by the UK! xxx

  11. I’m proud of how far you have come with blogging 💕 Well done! I love your blog, style of writing and that you are always so honest and kind. I love looking at the stats and see what countries look. I begin to realize that our blog is just going worldwide which is awesome

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