A few silly pet peeves

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It’s all well and good to try to be more positive in life, but I can be a grumpy old llama sometimes.  I figure if I direct that at inconsequential everyday things it will allow me to blow off steam without it having to spill over too much into other things.  So here are a few of my pet peeves, and I forewarn you, I have a potty mouth.

  • Wearing an underwire bra when it’s hot – either during the summer or in the winter with the heat cranked way too high; this is just inhumane
  • Speaking of undergarments, getting a wedgie while out in public – trying oh-so-subtly to extract your underwear out of your butt-crack, but of course not being subtle in the least.
  • Weight fluctuations (especially with psych meds!!!) and trying to figure out what to do with your old-weight clothes.  Hang on to them in the hopes that they’ll fit again someday, knowing that if you do get rid of them then you will lose weight and get annoyed because you have to spend money for clothes in a size you already had but got rid of?!
  • Insects and related critters in my home.  It’s mine, not theirs, so fuck off!
  • Landscapers making noise when I’m trying to sleep.  I’ve come very close to bellowing out my window at them to shut the fuck up.
  • People in the grocery store who are totally in the way and happily oblivious to that fact.  In my neighbourhood there’s a large immigrant population, and for whatever reasons they seem to most often shop en masse as a family.  That means there are 4+ people obliviously in the way rather than 1.
  • Drivers who make left turns very slowly so that only one other car (and of course it’s not mine) can manage to get through on the advance left turn signal
  • People who are habitually late.  I detest lateness so much that I’m always at least 10 minutes early (and usually more like 30 minutes).
  • Speedos on anyone other than an elite swimmer are a crime against humanity and should be banned from public beaches
  • People setting up shop on the sidewalk trying to solicit donations for charity.  It’s one big guilt trip – they know it, I know it, everybody knows it.  And then there’s the entrapment involved in phone calls to solicit charitable donations, where the only way to extricate yourself is to hang up on the poor volunteer calling from the children’s hospital who hints that you’re a bad person if you don’t donate to the poor kids with cancer.
  • GIFs: I know they’re popular and a lot of people love them, but to me they’re just creepy and weird.

What are some of your pet peeves?


20 thoughts on “A few silly pet peeves”

  1. interesting post. (: one of my pet peeves is when people in front of you walk very slowly even though they are aware of someone behind them.

  2. Haha! It annoys me when people say they’re going to do something and don’t follow through. Another little pet peeve is when people say that something is “increasing exponentially!” when it’s really just increasing linearly or quadratically or something. There’s a big difference!

  3. These made me giggle because most of them are my pet peeves too (besides gifs and for some odd reason, I love them…maybe I’m just a weirdo 😅😂). I absolutely hate it when I’m driving, people don’t turn on their turn signal like what the hell, haha! Thank you for the giggles. I definitely needed it since I’m working today and tomorrow (I work in a retail store, more specifically, Walgreens) 😅

  4. I completely agree with slow left turners and uncomfortable bras!! Even worse when they don’t use their indicators. Glad I’m not the only one! I actually have a draft post about my small irritabilities including the very same ones haha

  5. I’ve blogged about how much I dislike GIFs….and then I found myself using a couple this year. My excuse? I don’t have to look at them because it’s rare that one sees one’s own posts unless it’s deliberately. I heard an explanation of that whole ‘immigrant’ mindset thing once in a sociology class….most of the rest of the world, save America, have a much more laid back attitude towards time. Americans are the leaders in “hurry, hurry, gotta get it done NOW” thinking and we’ve gained a reputation as rude as a result. I’m with you though. One does NOT have to drag everyone in the family to do shopping or go to an appointment. To me? That’s rude too, because inevitably the children get bored and the old people have to find a potty, and on and on. Just leave them home. I agree with most of your list actually.

  6. I love it when guys to the whole ‘rearranging’ thing and don’t care to be inconspicuous, yet we try so hard to be sly when sorting out a wedgie!!
    Weight fluctuations are a definite pet peeve, and insects (esp. spiders and those flying spider-like thing, absolutely HATE them!)
    People cutting in the queue in the supermarket, v.annoying! Someone rustling their popcorn and choccy wrappers in the cinema, or talking (!) when the trailers or even the film itself is on. My list would be endless… 😉

  7. THE GROCERY STORE!!! And at mine a lot of people have kids home from college who somehow need to come too and they just stand in the aisles without helping – or getting out of my way.

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