Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up


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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Every so often one of my guinea pigs has tummy troubles with diarrhea that clears up within a couple of weeks if I keep her on a strict all hay diet.  She’s already doing quite a bit better compared to the beginning of the week.
  • I’ve had a cold this week.  I’m not feeling all that sick, but my lungs are congested and breathing is more challenging than usual.  Luckily having eucalyptus oil going in my aromatherapy diffuser has been helping.
  • I had a power outage for 24 hours because of a windstorm.  It sure becomes clear just how much we rely on technology.  I’m glad Starbucks always has charging outlets.
  • I skipped yoga this week because I didn’t want to be coughing all over the place, but I had a massage, which was lovely.
  • I started going to the coffee shop next door to the massage clinic to write for an hour before my massage.  I’m noticing that I’m even worse than normal at task switching in that setting, so I don’t even try, which ends up actually making me more productive.
  • Earlier in the week I was having anxiety related to the recent dose increased in my amphetamine, but that’s gone away by now.  My ability to focus seems to have improved somewhat, although probably some of that is I didn’t have any big goals for things I wanted to make progress on or get done this week.
  • I had a post published in The Ascent on getting shit done in spite of depression.
  • I also did a post on Vocal’s Longevity site on aromatherapy for mental wellness.


How has your week been?

12 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Did you have anxiety before the amphetamine was prescribed? I’ve been thinking about solutions to anxiety that aren’t anxiety medications, because they put me to sleep instead of making me able to function. My partner takes amphetamines and it seems to help with his anxiety…I guess in the form of helping him “use up” that anxiety by having the focus to complete tasks? Not sure, I’m new to all of this. What do you think?

    1. In general stimulants are more likely to cause anxiety than help with it. It wasn’t a problem when I was on a stable dose, and it’s just been as I’ve adjusted to the dose increase that anxiety has been something I’ve noticed.

  2. Wow! Great job with the other sites’ posts!! I’m glad your guinea piggy is doing better on the hay!! You’re a nice guinea mommy!! I’m glad they survived the power outage too!! Spunky guineas!!

    It’s been a weird week for me!! I’ve been struggling with focus issues like you have been!! I suppose it’s been worse for you with no power!! 😮 (That worries me a little. You have loads of warm blankets, right?)

  3. I take pseudoephedrine pretty much every day for my awful sinus issues, so whenever they test me for drugs, I always test positive for amphetamines. It is pretty frustrating because the ER thinks I’m doing illegal drugs, but I’m not!

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