It’s just plain… true or false

I was tagged by Rory at A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip for his new game It’s Just Plain…  I’m all for a little bit of quacky and wacky, so here we go!



Don’t answer the questions the right way!

Nominate one blogger to answer the questions, but before you do, create 2 new questions of your own to replace 2 existing questions.

“It’s Just Plain …” created by  A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! a pingback is always welcome but it also means l don’t miss out on the fun either!



1 – Camels store water in their humps?  True or False & Prove It?

Have you ever seen a camel wandering out of the desert looking like a llama?  Until you can show me that, I say false.

2 – Snakes only close their eyelids when they sleep?  True or False & Prove It?

True.  It gives an opportunity for the guinea pigs to run away.

3 – The saber-toothed tiger (Smilodon) was exterminated by Neanderthal man? True or False & Prove It?

Neanderthal man was so ugly that the tigers would have fled in terror before Mr. Caveman got near them.  So false.

4 – Leonardo da Vinci employed hundreds of craftsmen to build his inventions?True or False & Prove It?

I feel like Da Vinci would have had no patience for stupid people.  He’d be more of a “if you want it done right, do it yourself” kind of guy.  I know this from my intimate knowledge of the teenage mutant ninja turtles.

5 – The carpet python can hunt in complete darkness? True or False & Prove It?

I’ve never heard of a carpet python, but I guess if it’s moving around under the carpet it has to be able to see somehow.

6 – Big Bertha was the nickname given to German zeppelins? True or False & Prove It?

Big Bertha was an undercover MI-6 agent posing as a prostitute hoping to cut off Hitler’s you-know-what.

7 – In the 17th century, Wall Street was located on the border of a Dutch colony?True or False & Prove It?

Here’s what I remember from visiting New York City.  Tribeca stands for triangle below Canal Street.  There are canals in Amsterdam.  Seems Dutch enough to me.

8 – Yeast must be added to the grapes to obtain alcohol? True or False & Prove It?

If I could make wine by having a bucket of grapes on my kitchen counter I’d be doing it by now.  There’s gotta be something added to get those babies dancing.

9 – Zeus is the male god behind Creation?  True or False & Prove It?

Why is it always about the male creator?  My vote is for Athena.  She’s smart and a warrior.  The universe’s first feminist.

10 – For a long time, milk was a luxury? True or False & Prove It?

Didn’t everyone have farms and a cow back in the day?  I say they probably had more milk than we do, but I suppose our milk is more luxurious because we don’t risk getting kicked in the head by a feisty cow who’s angry because people think Zeus created the world.


I nominate Carol Anne from Therapy Bits or anyone else who wants to play!


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