Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Mentally I’ve been a total space cadet.
  • I went to a restorative yoga class, and spent a good chunk of time just blankly staring in puzzlement at such profound things as the pattern on my neighbour’s yoga pants.
  • The guinea pigs are settled nicely back into their routine.  My boy is spending a lot of time sleeping, but if I was the equivalent of his geriatric age I’d probably be doing the same.
  • I worked 2 night shifts at my mental health job.  It didn’t involve doing a whole lot, but I managed to almost forget to do some of the key things that I had to get done.  The 2nd night, a client was pacing elephant-style in the hall.  When I told him to stop, he refused to listen to me or even stop to speak to me, and told me I’m f***ed and he doesn’t have to listen to what staff say.  I used to be able to handle situations like that and keep my cool, but now that kind of thing gets my mind and body.  One of the things that tends to happens then is that my voice cracks, which makes me sound uncertain and unassertive.  I hate it, and it’s just one more way that I’m not capable of functioning the way I do when I’m well.
  • I had an article published on Psyche this week, and the site has a tip the author feature.  And someone left me a tip!  Woohoo!!!
  • I had an argument with a friend and didn’t cry until after when I could do it privately.  I’ll take little bits of progress wherever I can.


How has your week been?


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      1. yes it was prime rib but they forgot the horsey! tempers are fine i used to do customer care on the phone and was a zero operator. not a fan of humanity as i m sure you well know

  1. Can’t blame your little boy for constantly sleeping, actually it’s a very wise choice and one of most enjoyable activities for us all, I suppose, as long as there are no nightmares involved, but I hope guinnea pigs don’t have to deal with such rubbish. 🙂 Congratulations as for the article! 🙂 It’s always a nice experience when you have something like that published, I can still clearly remember my elation when my baby names article was published in summer. Feeling the need to cry while arguing or stuff is yuck I hate it if I feel it, so also congratulations for you that you managed to hold it back until it felt safer to cry.

  2. This weekend was our Halloween party that had been delayed due to my mother’s funeral. We had planned a haunted maze outside. I set up the maze Wednesday night and the wind gusts were so bad it was destroyed. I made plans with a friend to put it back Friday afternoon (day of the party) and we had 3 tornadoes in the area. 🙄 So the party was moved inside and it was still amazing thanks to the help of 3 good friends. Time permitting I’ll be posting about perseverance later this weekend lol. 🤣

  3. Great article and yay for the tip! Sorry about the crap you’ve had to deal with but a definite victory on not crying until you were away from the argument.

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