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Is there really a “post-abortion syndrome”?

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Check out this article I published on Psyche about the idea that has been put forth that there is a post-abortion mental illness syndrome.

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17 thoughts on “Is there really a “post-abortion syndrome”?”

  1. I can definitely see how it would be a hard decision and a difficult procedure to have done. I hope I’m never in that position to have to choose!

    1. I don’t think it’s a decision that’s ever undertaken lightly, regardless of one’s general views on abortion. The sense that I get (which may or may not be inaccurate) is that some anti-choice types are suggesting that abortion is a decision often made cavalierly and this supposed post-abortion syndrome is almost a punishment of sorts.

  2. Great article, very well presented with facts and not judgement. I particularly like the reference to no. of Google searches as supporting evidence… wow really compelling! 😁
    BTW in your intro it says ‘wrong or wrong’ presumably there should be a ‘right’ in there.

  3. I think having an abortion is psychologically challenging to many women, if not to all women, and depending upon your background or what you have been taught it can really be traumatizing. I’ve never had to have one myself thank goodness, but I have dreamed about having one and that was hard enough. My sister had one at age 17 and it haunted her the rest of her life, she mentioned still feeling guilty every time she saw a pro-life billboard shortly before she died at age 35. I tried to help her heal and forgive herself, but it didn’t seem to help.

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