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We live in a digital world, and we’ve come a long way from dial-up internet and the Snake cellphone game.  There are tons of apps that can be useful for mental health, helping you to do things like meditate, track your moods, and practice using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) tools.  Here’s a list of some of the apps I’ve stumbled across that I found interesting.  You can find more on my mental health apps page.

Calm : a meditation app

Calm Harm app logo  Calm Harm: 5-15 minute strategies to ride out the wave of self-harm urges

CalmintheStorm.jpg  Calm in the Storm (only on the App Store): stress management, safety plans

Catch It app icon  Catch It: mood tracking app from the NHS

CBT-i Coach app logo   CBT-i Coach: CBT for insomnia tools

eMoods bipolar mood tracker logo   eMoods bipolar mood tracker

Fear Fighter app icon   Fear Fighter: CBT for anxiety and panic, from the NHS

FearTools app logo  FearTools: CBT-based tools for managing anxiety

Happify  Happify: guides you in building skills along chosen tracks

InnerHour app logo   InnerHour: self-help for anxiety and depression

InsightTimer    Insight Timer: a meditation app

Mindshift   MindShift: anxiety symptom check-in, thought tools, coping activities

MoodfitMoodfit: mindfulness and breathing exercises, track factors like mood and sleep

nOCD app logo  nOCD (only on the Apple App Store): CBT-based self-help for OCD

SAM  Self-help for Anxiety Management (SAM): tracking tools and coping strategies

Simple Habit   Simple Habit: a meditation app

Smiling Mind app logo  Smiling Mind: a meditation app

Therachat app icon  Therachat: tracking tools and journalling

TruReach  TruReach: CBT audio lessons

Whatsup.png  What’s up – A Mental Health App: info, tracking tools, coping strategies

Youper icon  Youper: an “emotional health assistant” that uses AI technology

Are there any apps that you find helpful in managing your mental health?

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  1. Meg says:

    I tried to join a mental health forum once, but they had a whole page for sociopaths, and the sociopaths would come over and harass the rest of us. 🙁 Wish I were making that up.

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