I Like Airplane Mode

For the last 2 weeks and a bit while I’ve been travelling in Italy, I’ve had my phone on airplane mode. No phone calls, no text messages, and for large chunks of the day I have no wifi access. Part of the reason is a desire to run away from the world, and part of it is more practical – I don’t want to deal with roaming charges.

It’s not as though I’ve got all that many people communicating with me when I’m home, plus I tend to screen my calls, but I like that now it’s not even an issue. I like not being exposed to that sinking feeling of seeing an unwanted number pop up on the call display, or a notification of a voice mail that I don’t want to listen to. It makes me realize just how much dread I was having about ordinary communication.

WhatsApp has been convenient because it’s allowed me to keep in touch with my best friend. We talk usually a couple of times a day, and that’s helped to keep me grounded.

In less than a week I’ll be back home, and while I feel ready to be done with the trip, I wish I could leave my phone on airplane mode indefinitely.

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18 thoughts on “I Like Airplane Mode”

  1. Yes, I can completely relate to that. Some people one just cannot get away from, but the others I’ve just broken all communication with them which has been rather a relief. Have a good journey back, I’m sure you’ve had some wonderful experiences. 😊😊

  2. I live in Italy and I’ve been reading your post on ‘mobbing’. I feel I could be a victim of such behavior as we speak but I don’t know how to act over here. I feel trapped. Ps. It’s a beautiful county, where have you been?

    1. It’s definitely a beautiful country – I’ve been in Rome, Florence, and Venice. I hope you’re able to find a way out of the negative situation you’re in.

  3. I love being able to switch off my phone when I’m on holiday too, or for when I’m visiting family overseas, using a local SIM card for which only a few chosen people have the number. When I did agency work they’d inevitably “forget” the dates I’d told them I would be away and keep ringing me about bookings, which was doubly annoying because it disturbed my break and also cost me call forwarding charges if I was overseas. In pre-mobile phone days, one of the best moments ever was handing in my pager when I went on maternity leave!

    I hope that even though you haven’t enjoyed the trip as much as you wanted that you have at least some good memories of it.

  4. Ashley, while I completely understand, as a friend it worries me. I know we do not maintain daily contact but I try to communicate with you at least every few days. It is bothering me that you are dealing with troubled times. I just want to take it away from you. Since that isn’t possible I hope that you trust me enough to know that when you need someone, I am here. I understand emailing and reaching out isn’t as personal as we could get but at least while you are there it wouldn’t charge you insane rates. It is comforting to hear that you have kept in contact with your best friend.

    1. I actually do miss being online in the blogosphere more frequently. But it’s great to still have that support. When I had to deal with the creepy dude at the hostel the other day the support from bloggers made a huge difference. I think it’s mostly being inaccessible to work that I like.
      Thanks for your ongoing support ❤️

  5. I also use airplane mode a lot because sometimes I find it comfortable to not always be exposed to constantly messages etc. I can understand you. Do what feels good to you ❤️

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