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In my post Spreading your writing wings I listed a number of sites where you could share your story or submit a guest blog.  Personally, I find it easy to feel comfortable about sharing my writing on my own blog, but there’s some uncertainty that comes along with submitting a post to another site.  So I try to push myself every so often to venture out of my comfort zone.  Here are a few more ideas on ways to share your work:

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Life Unlimited feature: you can submit a request to be featured; submissions should focus on what the early indications were of your illness, what you’ve had to overcome, or what you’ve learned about yourself

GoodTherapy: personal experience, story must be 500+ words and original work

Having Time: personal essays about major life transitions, or actionable tips on improving mental wellbeing

Ideapod: this site isn’t specific to mental health, but accepts guest articles that “present bold, clear arguments about the ideas you believe should shape our future”

Mindful magazine: you can submit a mental health-related story pitch

Mind of Our Own: lets you share your mental health story in whatever form you wish; can be anonymous

Old Cove Road: particularly focused on the intersections between mental health, community, and social media

Open Minds Quarterly: share the experience of life with mental illness, in various forms including non-fiction, fiction, or poetry

Psyche: part of the Vocal media group; articles must be original content, and you can get paid based on how many reads your article gets

ResilientApp: accepts guest posts on a range of topics including mindfulness, meditation, self-care, and managing stress or anxiety

SameBoat: you can post in different topic areas including depression, suicide, anxiety. and body image

Of course, you can always keep an eye out on WordPress for fellow bloggers who are looking to collaborate or accepting guest posts.  If you’re reading this and you’re looking for guest bloggers on your blog, please leave your blog link in the comments below.


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17 thoughts on “Ways to share your story

  1. Not Your Average Chick says:

    What an awesome resource Ashley! Thanks for the opportunity. I am always looking to collaborate with others and have recently decided to accept guest post on NYAC. If anyone is interested I am looking for posts that discuss the “crazy/creative” connection. Referring to how many creatives suffer from mental illness. Albeit authors, artist, or musicans. You can contact me at notyouraveragechick.com via my contact page. I prefer over 450 words but if you can make a strong connection in less, I will consider it. Thanks again Ashley ❤

  2. Melanie B Cee says:

    Thanks for the list! I think it’d be a good exercise to try submitting to one or more of these…just to find out if one’s style is what publishers might want. 🙂

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