Leaving on a jet plane

Later today I’m heading off to spend 3 weeks on vacation in Italy.

This trip is what has been keeping me going through a rough stretch with my depression over the last 6 weeks or so.  Not that my depression is allowing me to actually feel excited about it, but I’m hanging on to the possibility that being in a totally different environment might help me feel a little better.  The problem is, though, you can’t really take a vacation from inside your own head.

This is only the second time I’ve gone on an international trip while feeling unwell (aside from beach vacations).   The last time was when I went to Russia in 2012 immediately following a major meltdown.  It was a really rough trip, and I remember sobbing on the phone to my parents.  I’m hoping not to have a repeat of that.

I’m travelling alone and independently (i.e. not with a tour group), so all the logistics will be up to me.  I’m quite an experienced traveller, so hopefully it will all come fairly easily, but I get overwhelmed pretty easily these days.  I also have a hard time dealing with being around people, which could be problematic.  I don’t want the attention of standing out as an obvious tourist, so instead of the no-makeup yoga pants look that is my depressed norm, I’m going to force myself to dress up and wear makeup and hope that I blend into the background.

As for the blog, I have some scheduled posts set up, but I probably won’t be online much while I’m away.  Ciao for now!


For more travel posts, check out my travel the world page.

44 thoughts on “Leaving on a jet plane

  1. eirlysgwenllian says:

    Have a great time and enjoy yourself as much as you can. 🙂 I know how it is to not be able to take a vacation from your own head, I so often wish I could do just that. Still though I really hope you will get some rest and relax in Italy and as you say, that new surroundings will help you think in a bit different way.

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  2. Invisibly Me says:

    You’re right, you can’t take a vacation from your own head and thoughts but it can give you a change of scenery and a break from the norm for a while. I hope you’re able to make the most of it and enjoy everything you can. Take good care of yourself – wishing you a safe trip and good travels! 🙂
    Caz xxxx

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  3. Meg says:

    I hope you’ve been having a good trip!! I’ll read onward!! (I opened each new post in a separate window and am reading them all right now!!) Let’s see what happens in future posts here!!

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