Gratuitous Guinea Pig Post

I adore my guinea pigs, and seems like other people like them to, so here are some more guinea pig photos.

guinea pig wearing glasses

Cookie the intellectual

guinea pig on a leash

Oreo in her harness at the park.  Guinea pigs can’t be taken for a walk (trust me, I’ve tried), so the harness is more to make sure she doesn’t get startled and try to run rather than freeze.  It’s a pretty low-budget harness, though, and not too hard to squirm out of if they’re so inclined.

guinea pigs in love

On the left is Cookie and on the right is Sienna, who passed away a couple of years ago.  Sometimes guinea pigs will just fall head over heels in love with another piggie, and Cookie adored Sienna.  If Sienna was in the hidey-house, Cookie would usually be there guarding the door.

glat as a pancake guinea pig

With vigorous petting piggies like Squeaky will flatten out like a pancake, and will remain in pancake shape for several seconds afterwards.

guinea pig looking at a laptop screen

This is Zippy, who passed away earlier this year.  He liked to check out what was on my laptop screen.

guinea pig sitting

Casper was quite young when I first got her, and she had a variety of crazy tricks, including leaping into the hay manger.

guinea pig with a mullet

Oreo (the one in the harness above) likes to chew hair, also known as barbering.  I haven’t yet figured out what prompts her to go on her designer cutting sprees.  This picture of Cookie with a mullet is a fine example of Oreo’s work.  Her head is facing to the left.

Hope you have enjoyed a little bit of cuteness!

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