Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Mood-wise I’ve been better than last week.  Concentration is still not very good, and I get very easily overwhelmed.
  • I had to switch massage therapists last month because my previous therapist had left the clinic.  I wasn’t happy with the new therapist, so this week I saw another therapist at a different clinic.  She was fabulous, and she used a weighted heated blanket, which I really liked.
  • I spent more time in the kitchen this week.  Fall is such a nice time to make hearty foods like soup.
  • I saw my first patient for my new job.  I was teaching her to self-inject a medication that I was already familiar with, so there was no reason for me to be nervous, but I just felt really overwhelmed.  I had an odd experience when I was there.  We were both sitting on the couch, and then she had gotten up to look for her reading glasses.  I felt the cushions moving behind me, as though there was a cat walking across the top of them.  I looked behind me.  Nothing.  It happened several more times, and I kept looking back.  Still nothing.  And that got me thinking on my drive home that this isn’t the first time I’ve had weird perceptual stuff going on.  Like sometimes I feel my bed vibrate and the thought that comes to mind is that the guinea pigs caused it, which makes no sense.  Is it mild psychosis?  Friendly ghosts?  I really don’t know.
  • I continue to struggle with a good friend who unintentionally does things that upset me.  It’s exhausting.
  • I’ve got reservations/tickets for everything that I wanted to book ahead of time for my Italy trip.  I’m a bit concerned that if I’m feeling so overwhelmed by not much of anything at home, I’ll be really overwhelmed by dealing with all the daily logistics while I’m away.


How has your week been?


25 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Take it a day at a time. I’m glad you are feeling a bit better 💕🙏 I hope you will enjoy your trip. I love soup mmm must be delicious. I’m packing my suitcase to go to the beach tomorrow for a few days. I’m really excited.

  2. I’ve been having some weird perceptual experiences as well. It can be really disconcerting having things happen and not really being able to explain them away with reason. And not knowing when they’ll happen again. For me it has been so important to keep my mind occupied constantly.

  3. That is a weird thing about the cushions moving. The nearest thing I have to that is that sometimes if I’m lying in bed unable to sleep, I’ll suddenly feel like I’m falling, accompanied by a sinking feeling in my stomach, like being on a roller-coaster or a lift moving down really fast. I have no idea what causes that or if it’s ‘normal.’

  4. Huh, the perceptual stuff is intriguing!! That happened to me a year ago, when I was visiting friends and staying in an old mansion that was reputed to be haunted. I felt a finger running up and down the length of my mattress while I was lightly asleep. I have no idea.

    I wish your friend wasn’t being a jerk! 🙁

    My week was good!! I got third place in my group in the flash fiction competition, and this weekend, I wrote what I hope is a solid entry for round 2!! Yay!!

  5. Great post. I wouldn’t assume psychosis until speaking with your doctor- A lot of psychotropic medications have those symptoms as side effects. Glad the Italy trip is coming together. Try to remember that it’s a vaction, a time to relax. Don’t over pack it with too many events, as that’s sure to be overwhelming. Take care 🙂

  6. As you can tell, I’m playing catch-up again! Like you my concentration is rubbish and I’m constantly overwhelmed by ordinary life stuff. I also have the sensation of my bed vibrating, and I know it isn’t because I always check with hubby… something weird going on for sure!

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